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SatLink® solution

The SatLink® solution provides technology which is physically isolated from the internet and which offers a level of security that prevents all but the most capable ‘hackers’ from tampering with the data. Satellite communication (satcoms) systems can be designed completely independently of national infrastructure such as fibre and telephone networks, preventing back door access through the internet. Additionally satcoms can be deployed quickly in even the most remote regions making it the obvious choice.

SatLink® Advantages

  • High throughput and availability
  • High flexibility, fast deployment                   
  • High bandwidth anywhere, anytime
  • Secure and reliable                                  
  • Cost-effective and bandwidth efficient



Border Security Networks Enable

  • 24/7/365 surveillance and recording from a central location
  • Fixed and mobile communications for border security teams                            
  • Identity verification at border crossing points
  • Tracking of border security assets     
  • Facial / number plate recognition systems


Border Security Networks

Satellite network connectivity is the solution for border security applications. The SatLink® platform designed and manufactured by NSSLGlobal Technologies has key features and functionality which has made it popular with NATO and governments across the globe.

The SatLink® platform uses core IP technology, making it readily compatible with almost every modern data system. It has the capability to segregate a physical network into many virtual networks running over the same  hardware, thereby making it more secure.


This versatility means that governments no longer need to maintain specific network systems for each role. One SatLink® terminal could be deployed at a national border, providing access to immigration and passport databases, whilst another could be hundreds of miles away, supporting and incident response team. Each network can have bandwidth resources allocated specific to the task, meaning that heavy use of the system for one particular task will not takes resources away from the other. Furthermore, although different networks may use the same hardware infrastructure, they can be separated via software and encryption meaning that data from one virtual network cannot be accessed from another. In this way, SatLink® can truly provide many networks with just one hardware platform.


Secure Infrastructure

Military and US National Agency grade security.

The platform has built in military grade encryption which can cover every link in the network, meaning that all data  is protected as it passes through the network, whether it be voice, video or digital files. It uses the AES-265 encryption algorithm which is known worldwide as the leading algorithm for data security and is even used by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Additionally, the SatLink® solution provides physical security as it doesn’t need connection to the internet or national telecoms infrastructure.

Solutions for Oil & Gas


  • Bulk file transfer
  • Crew welfare applications 
  • Corporate internet &  email
  • Exploration & production applications
  • Gas pipeline monitoring
  • SCADA application support       
  • 24/7/365 global customer support




SnapTV develops, builds, operates and maintains advanced digital infotainment systems. SnapTV has been supplying network owners and operators with IPTV technology and services since 2005, and today SnapTV systems have been deployed to all continents of the world and are used by a large number of companies including several Fortune 500+ companies.

It is an easy to use and cost-effective system to provide entertainment to our valued customers across all markets.

snap.tv is based in Oslo, Norway with sales, operation and maintenance partners worldwide

  • Access movies, news, sports, documentaries from your own device
  • Based on HTML5 and works with all new browsers
  • Supports PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Mobile
  • Designed for WiFi



  • Crew Entertainment / Welfare on Commercial shipping vessels and offshore oil rigs
  • Corporate Communication on commercial shipping vessels and offshore oil rigs
  • Guest comfort in hotels
  • Patient welfare at hospitals

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