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Exhibition: Digital Ship Bergen
Date: 27th November 2019
Klokkeklang meeting room
Peer Gynt room, Level 2
Edvard Griegs Plass 1
5015 Bergen

Stand: 9




NSSLGlobal is a leading independent provider of satellite communications and IT solutions with innovation and customer service at the core of its DNA.  It has service and sales offices globally including UK, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Singapore, US and South Africa.

With 50 years of experience in the government and maritime mobility markets, NSSLGlobal provides best-in-class satellite solutions working in partnership with some of the largest MSS and VSAT satellite operators including Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya, Telesat, Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES and JCSAT. NSSLGlobal is forging a reputation as an engineering powerhouse by expanding its R&D and global support capabilities through targeted acquisitions such as the “SatLink” Hub and Modem technology, which is at the core of NSSLGlobal’s world class VSAT network; and snap.tv which provides a range of Crew Entertainment services which is unique to the Industry and ensures that NSSLGlobal can steer the development and support roadmap to suit its customer’s needs.

NSSLGlobal offers an expanding portfolio of leading edge in-house solutions such as its next generation Cruise Control+ that provides cybersecurity assurance and IT managed services to support the move to digitalisation thereby freeing up customer’s time to focus on vessel’s operational priorities.

Global: enquiries@nsslglobal.com




Maritime Communications

With the world’s ocean covering over 70 percent of the earth’s surface, and businesses running 24/7, it comes as no surprise the vital role satellite communications plays in keeping vessels connected with shore activity. Whether a small vessel looking for a simple GMDSS safety radio or a ship management company looking for a full fleet VSAT rollout, NSSLGlobal can deliver the ideal solution.

Partnering yourself with NSSLGlobal, an independent service provider, gains you access to an array of products and packages. We work closely with all our partners to help develop and deliver next-generation satellite communications solutions to all our customers, with Maritime being a key market benefiting from the evolving products and services.

As a Distribution Partner of Inmarsat, Master Distributor and Certified Partner for Cobham, Tier 1 Partner of Iridium and partner of Thuraya, NSSLGlobal can offer global and regional options across C-, L-, Ka- and Ku-Band networks.






VSAT IP@SEA is our maritime broadband VSAT (DVBS2-RCS2) service for commercial vessels, which offers the most extensive Ku-Band and C-Band coverage in the

industry. NSSLGlobal can provide 'always-on' connectivity through our VSAT IP@SEA service, which comprises of five teleports supporting 25 beams.

With the knowledge of a one monthly fee, VSAT IP@SEA delivers peace of mind compared to ‘pay-as-you-go’ models. And with speeds of up to 40 Mbps we can guarantee your vessel continues to operate whilst adhering to the MLC-2006 regulations.



Cruise Control+

At the heart of a Cruise-IP installation is Cruise Control, an advanced platform to support features to enhance the users experience by maximising the efficiency of the available bandwidth. This 1U on-board device provides simple and intuitive web based control to a range of features including:

  • Traffic Prioritisation & Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Remote Access to simplify remote support
  • Firewall & Webfilter
  • Service Assurance with auto/manual failover
  • WAN selector between FleetBroadband/Iridium Pilot, 3G/4G & Shore WiFi
  • Beam Switching
  • Optimised Email Server
  • Remote management via online Cruise Control Portal


Simplifying cybersecurity at sea

Cruise Control+ has security built into the solution to provide you with peace of mind and robust cybersecurity at sea. NSSLGLobal can monitor and manage everything remotely, 24/7 regardless of where you are in the globe. Saving you money and time.

Robust firewall & webfilter  -Each network has its own set of ?rewall rules, allowing/denying tra?c in and out of the network over the WAN connections and between the LAN connections.

Cybersecurity logs- This provides HQ with an audit trail and method to track all cybersecurity activities on-board the vessel.

UTM – an optional extra Layer 7 of security with enhanced ?rewall, gateway antivirus, intrusion detection and prevention capabilities and deep packet inspection for applications.

Embedded VPN – enables you (and vendors) with accelerated and encrypted VPN access, allowing secure remote on board access to your own network infrastructure helping to reduce cost, network complexity and space



CrewVision is our ship entertainment system that offers a wide variety of viewing content through VSAT IP@SEA. This service further broadens the leisure facilities available to ship personnel by providing on-demand access to a wide variety of the latest TV shows, news, and movies.


For more information, click here!



Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress is Inmarsat's maritime broadband GX Ka-band service, suitable for fitting on-board commercial shipping.

The ship fitted system comprises of a GX system operating in conjunction with a dedicated FleetBroadband FB500 or FB250, to provide ships with both core GX broadband and back-up service assurance provided by FleetBroadband.

This offers ship's with extensive satellite broadband sea coverage using Inmarsat's new I5 Ka-band, and I4 L-Band geostationary satellites.


Features of NSSLGlobal

Premium Voice

VSAT IP@SEA and Cruise-IP customers can also enjoy NSSLGlobal’s low cost toll-quality premium voice service from just $0.25 per minute. Our service is distinguished from our competitors as we provide an additional 32 kbps dedicated CIR for each voice line over the satellite and this then terminates over the US PSTN rather than over the Internet. When calling the vessel we also offer over 50 different country codes to allow local calling rates to the vessel. Lastly we can split the phone lines into operational and crew lines if required which allows the crew to utilise NSSLGlobal’s crew cards at our special crew rates.


Service Assurance

For those customers with VSAT IP@SEA, Cruise-IP and FleetBroadband or Iridium Pilot with NSSLGlobal we also offer our Service Assurance package which ensures that in the event of your primary VSAT system going down, you can switch to your L-Band service for free.

Bespoke Service Management Contracts

For customers managing a high number of ships or rigs in different geographical areas or time zones, NSSLGlobal provides:

  • Single point of contact to cover maintenance & repair of navigational & satcom equipment
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Annual equipment health check
  • Dedicated service manager
  • Secure online service & tracking system
  • Storage of customer-owned stock and spares for rapid deployment as required

In addition, all products and services are supported globally by our 24/7 Network Operation Centres, field engineers and regional support centres... providing you with local help, with a global service.

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