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This is NSSLGlobal's Cobham Fire Fighter recommendation for...

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We have come up with an NSSLGlobal-recommended package that addresses the SOLAS II needs more completely: 


  • Advantages of UHF compared to VHF When a fire breaks out on a vessel, reliable and uninterrupted communication is imperative.
    • UHF pentrates wood, steel and concrete much better than VHF and is thereby the best choice for the ship's indoor communication.
    • The fire fighter radio has been designed for exactly the SOLAS II requirements, and UHF was chosen simply because it has much better range and performance inside of a vessel than VHF. 


  • Usability - must be ready for use at all times! 
    • UHF frees the incident commander and fire fighters from interference from other radios on board, or in the vicinity.
    • The Fire Fighter radios provide more clear communication between fire fighters and the incident commander.
    • Sailor 3965 UHF radio provides 2 W RF output power, twice better than competitors' products.


  • Durability (ATEX) & Functionality
    • When putting our recommended package together, we chose durable (ATEX where available) and functional products. It is crucial to have hands-free and easy access to the radio, given the extreme circumstances under which these radios are to ensure communication.

NSSLGlobal-Recommended Combination

2 x Sailor SP3965 UHF For both stations on a vessel.

2x SAVOX C-C440 ATEX Mushroom Push-To-Talk with Nexus audio connector for SAVOX accessories, ATEX approved together with SAILOR SP3560

2 x SAVOX HC-1 Helmet Unit Using this helmet kit has proved to be practical and easy to use.

2 x Sailor B353 ATEX Emergency Battery In case of emergency, both handhelds will have a back up. (A nice-to-have.)


Alternative packages:  

  • 2x SAILOR SP3965 Portable ATEX UHF, Transceiver, Belt Clip, Lanyard, Li ion rechargeable battery, Charger, AC/DC converter/adaptor, DC connection.
  • 2x SAVOX C-C440 ATEX Mushroom Push-To-Talk with Nexus audio connector for SAVOX accessories, ATEX approved together with SAILOR SP3560.
  • 2x Helmet Unit SAVOX HC-1, One ear loudspeaker, Bone-conductive, dirt-protected microphone, especially suitable for fire and rescue, Adapts to SAILOR and SAVOX PTT units.
  • 2x SAILOR B3503 ATEX Lithium Emergency Battery (optional).


...the solution to the SOLAS Chapter II-2 requirements!

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