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Germany's World-Leading VSAT Service Provider

We did not achieve our world-leader status in VSAT services by chance, we worked hard for it. When we design solutions that effect our customer's bottom lines, we put ourselves in their shoes to make sure they get what they need to operate optimally. This is noticeable in the innovative business solutions we create, and the 24/7 global service and support that ensures the reliable and secure connectivity your operations depend on.


FusionIP combines VSAT and cellular connectivity within the same device. Within one single 60cm SAILOR dome, FusionIP integrates the best of two worlds: LTE and satellite broadband. This allows vessels to automatically switch between 4G LTE / 3G UMTS and satellite networks to achieve optimum data speeds and cost efficiency. 

NSSLGlobal’s new product presents a convenient, all-in-one, ‘unified communications’ solution that is easy to install and provides a global 'one SIM, one contract' package with speeds up to 100Mbits. Click on image (left) to view the FusionIP video.

FusionIP represents a leap forward in terms of convenience. With one convenient and aesthetically pleasing antenna, a single system, and one point of contact for technical information, the new product/service is ideal for yachtsoffshore wind installation vesselsCTVs (crew transfer vessels), fishing vessels and coastal commercial vesselsGlobal 4G LTE / 3G UMTS roamingBraodband throughput up to 100 Mbps.





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