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Environmental, Social and Governance

Green heritage

As part of the Arendals Fossekompani ASA (AFK) group of companies, NSSLGlobal is committed to sustainability as applied to its business activities, use of facilities and resources. AFK, the Norwegian green-tech investment company is the owner of energy and technology companies, enabling the transition to a green economy. Arendals Fossekompani has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange since 1913 and is also an investor in other renewables and associated value chains, including solar power and batteries.

Global Presence Local Impact

NSSLGlobal is committed to supporting its local communities, veterans, the armed forces, and those who are aiming to overcome the harshest challenges to raise money to help the disadvantaged but also to demonstrate what can be achieved through hard work and sheer grit and determination.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Head Office responded to local appeals by donating refurbished laptops for school children from disadvantaged backgrounds and by providing furniture to local educational institutions.

The company supports several causes throughout the year either financially, or often by providing the critical technology and satellite communications needed, encouraging raising money for veterans, local communities, and protecting the environment, particularly our great oceans. The company in 2021 is sponsoring the grueling 100km TRAILWALKER challenge for the Gurkha Welfare Association, and also a team of serving and ex-Royal Marines as they take on an epic rowing challenge "Ocean Revival" as they cross the Atlantic to support veterans and the cleaning of the oceans from plastic pollution. The company is also sponsoring the annual Royal Navy Peregrine Photography competition and much more. 

The team in Germany is committed to working with the local NGO Sea-Eye, as they rescue refugees crossing the Mediterranean. Please read the Case Study for more information on our communications support and safety@sea services with Sea-Eye.


Keeping employees safe, happy motivated and involved is vital to the NSSLGlobal business.

NSSLGlobal seeks to be a fair and ethical employer and has in place policies on Health and Safety in the Workplace, Anti-Bribery, Business Integrity and Corruption, Bullying and Harassment at Work, Religious belief, Equality and Diversity and the Modern Slavery Act Statement.

In 2020 NSSLGlobal, (HQ) UK achieved ISO 45001 which served to drive additional safety improvements and visibility of Health and Safety.  NSSLGlobal Technologies in Norway is currently working towards acheiving this also.

During the Pandemic and with most staff working from home, information on mental health awareness and coping with stress have been shared Group-wide by the Company Mental Wellness Champion. Bespoke Yoga and Wellness Zoom sessions were programmed several times a week to help staff to cope with physical and emotional challenges brought on by isolation and working from home.

   We are a Disability Confident organisation.     


    As a veteran friendly company, we are a proud sponsor of the Forces Transition Group.


Graduate Programme - developing talent

NSSLGlobal has highly experienced teams of engineers globally, many of whom are ex-forces and others who have specialisms in commercial maritime. Our graduate recruitment programme means we are bringing in fresh talent and exciting new ideas complementing the considerable in-house knowledge and expertise. 

Engineering graduates Hall of Fame

Graduate Programme Engineering Hall of Fame

Apprenticeship Programme - community relationships

NSSLGlobal has started an Apprenticeship programme to provide opportunities for local communities, particularly young people to enter the satellite communications sector and gain practical skills and experience. 

Providing veteran opportunites

NSSLGlobal is proud to be an established employer of veterans with many providing essential first hand, front line engineering expertise and knowledge.


NSSLGlobal seeks to be a fair employer and prides itself on being a customer and supplier of integrity. NSSLGlobal has been in business for more than 50 years and intends to be in business for the next 50 years. As such it is vital that it builds long-term trusting relationships with customers and suppliers.

NSSLGlobal has a Business Integrity, Bribery and Corruption Code of Conduct which ALL employees have been trained in and have signed.  The same Code of Conduct applies to commercial relationships with customers and suppliers. Supplier questionnaires ensure this topic is a central theme in key supplier relationships as well as with those that NSSLGlobal partners on larger contract and bid opportunities. Reseller contracts include provisions on anti-bribery and corruption and all resellers or agents are vetted.

NSSLGlobal (UK Headquarters) has ISO 44001:2017 Collaborative Business Relationship Management certification, adding to the other international business standards we have. ISO 44001  is a global standard to help companies build and implement an effective approach to teaming and co-operating with other companies on projects and also with customers. This standard contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 10, 9 and 8. 



NSSLGlobal is a member of the UN Global Compact and is committed to ensuring that sustainable development and environmental management are at the core of all activities undertaken by the company.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

NSSLGlobal is a committed signatory to the UN Goals.

Environmental Impact

  • Goal 7    Affordable and Green Energy
  •  Goal 9   Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Goal 13  Climate Change

NSSLGlobal (UK Headquarters) is ISO 14001 certified which will contribute to improved energy efficiency, reducing consumption and waste.




Human Rights, Labour and Conditions Goals

  • Goal 8   Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities
  • Goal 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Supporting customers with a digital portfolio  

NSSLGlobal has long-term customers, and its contracts are often between 3 and 5 years duration and include extended warranty and global onsite/onboard support. In order to reduce its carbon footprint as well as its support cost, the company seeks to supply, and increasingly develop reliable high-quality digital/cloud-based products that can remotely support customers wherever possible.

NSSLGlobal engineers travel globally to support its customers in the field, but by increasing the reliability of its products and developing remote diagnostics and remote fixes,  GHG emissions are being reduced accordingly. Products are developed to last and to be upgradeable via remote software and patching, without having to replace the hardware.

Developing sustainable technology

In-house developed technology, such as "Oceanic Dynamics" also helps our maritime and offshore customers to ensure their vessels are running at optimal performance, including energy efficiency as well as protection of the passengers and environments in which they operate (ie collision management for crew transfer vessels for offshore wind farms and turbines).

Recycling and refurbishing Programme

Wherever possible, hardware is recycled and refurbished. With an active obsolescence take-back programme in place for equipment that customers no longer need, which are then refurbished for resale, rental, or support stock. The SMART@SEA maritime product portfolio also allows NSSLGlobal real-time remote monitoring for customers' onboard cyber, communications and IT systems along with remote diagnostic and preventative maintenance. This in turn reduces the amount of on-site/on vessel global field service interventions that are needed, reducing our carbon footprint.

 Download our Carbon Reduction Management Plan 2021/2035 


Keeping People Connected

Delivering during times of crisis

NSSLGlobal provides secure satellite communications and IT solutions to Defence, Security and Governmental customers for peacekeeping activities, deployments, protection of sovereign assets and building stability overseas. The company is also committed to delivering humanitarian aid and disaster or conflict relief, including supporting the remote communication needs of NGO’s such as Sea-Eye, Greenpeace, Dutch Welthunger, Oxfam, British Red Cross and Mercy Ships. These customers have needed additional support with new contracts and projects in support of various peacekeeping and medical missions across the globe.

Understanding crew welfare issues

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the commercial maritime sector and operators have been increasingly looking at ramping up their crew welfare services and our CrewVision entertainment service has been proving popular to help counter the sense of isolation with more community interaction. Crew on vessels, both commercial and government, need entertainment that fits in with their shifts. Through CrewVision they can view on-demand, getting regularly updated and fully licensed blockbuster movies, documentaries and boxsets in several languages, the News in English, Hindi, Tagalog and German. The feedback from customers demonstrates to us that crew like nothing better than relaxing and catching up in the crew mess together to watch the sporting highlights of the Euros, tennis, golf and much more.

As a company, we work closely with our customers and as so many of our own people have worked on vessels we understand their needs. Over the past challenging eighteen months we have been honoured to have been providing and subsidising crew welfare bandwidth upgrades and donating free crew calling cards to help counter the recorded increase in mental health issues.

NSSLGlobal's UK Headquarters in Redhill and the Newcastle site are certified to the following standards:

    NSSLGlobal Technologies AS, Norway are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 only.

 NSSLGlobal GmbH, Germany are certified to ISO 9001:2015 only.

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