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Exhibition: Nor-Shipping 2022 
Date: 4 - 7 April 2022

Stand: B02-22
Location: Oslo

Nova Spektrum

Messeveien 8

2004 Lillestrøm



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NSSLGlobal is a leading independent provider of satellite communications and IT management solutions with innovation and customer service at the core of its DNA. With over 50 years of experience in the government and maritime mobility markets, NSSLGlobal leverages its deep customer understanding and engineering skills to deliver integrated, affordable and assured solutions. NSSLGlobal provides best-in-class satellite network capabilities offering the most extensive Ku-Band coverage in the industry through its own award-winning Ku- Band VSAT network and Ka- and L-Band, working in partnership with some of the largest MSS and VSAT satellite operators.
With over forty percent of its company consisting of highly specialised engineers, many of who are ex-armed forces, NSSLGlobal understands the needs of its government customers and develops bespoke solutions to very specific requirements for the UK MOD, key NATO member states and globally.

NSSLGlobal Technologies, its technical and engineering Research and Development division based in Norway is focussed on developing and delivering market competitive satellite-based solutions for IPTV products and VSAT technology including Hubs and VSAT modems for mobility and fixed applications globally.

NSSLGlobal has strong values and is committed to working ethically, with integrity and always lawfully wherever it operates and with everyone it does business with. It is certified to Information Security Management Systems 27001:2013, Quality Management 9001:2015, Environmental Management 14001:2015 and Health and safety management 45001:2018.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company employs 230+ staff worldwide and has offices across Germany, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Israel, Singapore, Japan, and the United States.




NSSLGlobal Technologies - SatLink and SnapTV

The SatLink® system is the DVB-RCS2 and DVB-S2X product line in both sales and technology supporting DVB-S2 TDM forward links and ACM on all carriers (both TDM and TDMA). Optimized for IP networking with advanced QoS features, it provides a complete solution for satellite Internet applications, ISPs, private Intranets, industry-specific networks, as well as voice and/or interactive video services over IP. The product line includes several broadband VSATs and turnkey satellite Hub system options which enable small, cost-effective enterprise networks and large carrier networks.  DVB-RCS first generation standards are also supported.

SnapTV develops, builds, operates and maintains advanced digital infotainment systems and has been supplying network owners and operators with turn-key IPTV technology and services since 2006. Today SnapTV systems are being deployed across all continents of the world and are used by companies in the martime, drilling and offshore rigs , hospitality, health care and education sectors including several Fortune 500+ companies


Products and Solutions


Vessel operators are working in an increasingly regulated world and with the IMO MSC.428 resolution on Maritime Cyber Risk Management in Safety Management Systems, responsibility for all cyber risk management has been placed on vessel operators.  We want to ensure our customers are provided with key security controls, enabling them to maintain full control of their network and infrastructure. SMART@SEA’s powerful cyber protection suite provides the appropriate robust cyber security and safety functionalities which are critical because of their potential effect on personnel, the ship, environment and company.

SMART@SEA is the result of over 50 years of maritime industry knowledge and working closely with our customers to develop a portfolio of increasingly SMART products, services and technology.  With SMART@SEA we have a practical and cost-effective solution that future-proofs our customers’ needs as the industry becomes more digitalised, connected and as a consequence cyber vulnerable. NSSLGlobal's new SMART@SEA platform offers our customers unrivalled levels of transparency, operational control and cyber protection over their networks and bandwidth usage.   

To download our brochure, click here!

Cyber Security

Use of connected technologies like the cloud have brought innumerable benefits to a wide range of industries in terms of cost savings, efficiency and flexibility. However, the increasing complexity of IT networks, architectures and infrastructures poses new risks to the maritime industry.

Broader connectivity creates more vulnerabilities, and more points of attack. It is becoming harder than ever to even gain a comprehensive picture of all the devices and networks connected to your business at any given time – let alone to police them.

To make things worse, cyber criminals are becoming increasingly aware of the potential entry points to make significant money from the vulnerabilities in widely connected architectures. At the same time, as common methods of attack (DDoS attacks, ransomware, etc.) are becoming more sophisticated, criminals are also constantly developing new ways of penetrating networks and hacking devices.

Potential risks of a cyber attack on a vessel include:

  • The interruption of operations
  • Loss of business-sensitive information
  • Insurance cover – impact on premiums of lack of cybersecurity measures
  • Reputational damage
  • Loss of customer and / or industry concidence
  • Severe financial loss / penalties
  • Privacy impact – personal data protecton legislation will see companies eed for failing to secure employee information

The threat landscape is constantly evolving and with this in mind, ship management companies and operators need to approach cybersecurity in a holistic way.

NSSLGlobal offers a number of solutions that provide cybersecurity assurance to support your road to digitalisaton, freeing up your time to focus on the vessel priorities that are core to your business.

To download our brochure , click here!


VSAT IP@SEA is our maritime broadband VSAT (DVBS2-RCS2 and DVB-S2X) service for commercial vessels, which offers the most extensive Ku-Band and Ka-Band coverage in the industry. NSSLGlobal can provide 'always-on' connectivity through our VSAT IP@SEA service, which comprises of five teleports supporting 25 beams.

With the knowledge of a one monthly fee, VSAT IP@SEA delivers peace of mind compared to ‘pay-as-you-go’ models. And with speeds of up to 40 Mbps we can guarantee your vessel continues to operate whilst adhering to the MLC-2006 regulations.


Save time, space and resources with the latest flexible Unified Comms package from NSSLGlobal

FusionIP integrates the best of two communication worlds for European sea areas: LTE and satellite broadband, allowing leisure and commercial vessels to automatically switch between 4G/3G and satellite networks to achieve unified communications, optimum data speeds and cost efficiencies.  FusionIP provides the perfect high speed, fixed cost hybrid solution.

Our SMART@SEA automatically manages the transition seamlessly behind the scenes so you don't have to manually switch between the two services. Moreover, our engineers have designed a unique single Radome solution protecting both antennas.

FusionIP is easy to install and represents a leap forward in terms of convenience. With a single system and one point of contact for technical information, your company is safe in the knowledge that you’re receiving the best offshore connection available.

Benefits of Fusion-IP include:

•             Only one SIM card needed

•             12 month contract

•             Seamless coverage

•             Unlimited suspensions

•             One technical 24/7 point of contact


Download the PDF for further information here.




CrewVision is our ship entertainment system that offers a wide variety of viewing content through VSAT IP@SEA. This service further broadens the leisure facilities available to ship personnel by providing on-demand access to a wide variety of the latest TV shows, news, and movies.

For more information, click here!


Intellian Certus C700 Maritime

The Intellian C700 provides a truly global solution, utilising the most powerful Certus antenna available via the Iridium NEXT LEO constellation. Covering all ocean regions, the combination of the Iridium constellation and NSSLGlobal network infrastructure ensures the customer will experience the best possible voice and data service. A single cable solution provides both power and communication between the antenna and above decks unit. The C700 antenna incorporates a 12 patched phased array antenna, giving coverage even at low elevation.

Using the Iridium Certus service, the terminal currently delivers the highest available Certus 704kbps/352kbps connection speed. Use of the inbuilt 3 independent voice lines is also enhanced by the low latency Certus connection, as well as inbuilt POE giving power and comms to connected SIP phones across a single connection.

Intellian v100NX Ku VSAT

The Intellian v100NX is an advanced maritime stabilised Ku-Band antenna system built to a quality and high performance that is mirrored throughout the new Intellian VSAT range. This antenna system combined with NSSLGlobal's award winning VSATIP@SEA for commercial vessels or Cruise IP packages for leisure craft, alongside an L-Band backup can offer a stable, fast and global solution.

The Intellian v100NX has inbuilt design enhancements, bringing increased RF performance. The system is easy and quick to deploy, with the highest currently available RF performance in the 1m antenna class, giving exceptional link quality for its size. Every system comes factory-tested and ready-to-go with standardised top quality RF components (8W BUC, LNB) and only one cable between antenna and below-deck.

Intellian FB250 Fleet Broadband

The Intellian FB is a compact, lightweight and easy to install satellite communication system providing background IP data throughput speeds of up to 284 kbps as a Ku VSAT Backup, primary comms for smaller vessels or as part of a Fleet Xpress setup.

Designed to accommodate midband throughput IP data, the system provides communication for basic email, web browsing and as an assurance connection for higher throughput VSAT. Operating on L-Band, the terminal is weather resilient and operates without issue during poor weather.


The LT-3100 Satellite Communications System is a maritime fixed Iridium satellite phone from Lars Thrane A/S. The LT-3100 system is designed for the professional market (deep sea, fishing, and workboats), but can be used for the leisure market as well. The LT-3100 system meets all standards and certification requirements needed for worldwide maritime satellite communication equipment.

The LT-3100 system has voice and data capabilities with 100% global coverage. The LT-3100 system consists of a control unit, handset unit, and antenna unit. A single cable solution connects the control unit with the antenna unit. Using a standard coaxial cable, up to 500 meters of separation between the units can be obtained, giving freedom to mount the antenna in the best possible location, with free line of sight to the satellites.

The LT-3100 system can be used as the primary satellite communication product on vessels, covering the basic communication needs in terms of connectivity between the ship and shore. In addition, the LT-3100 system can be used for crew calling or as a back-up satellite communication product. The LT-3100 system provides voice, SMS, data, vessel tracking, and other Iridium services with competitive airtime rates, making it the perfect satellite communication product on board any vessel.

SatLink Hub Family

The SatLink Hub Family is a member of a family of SatLink products and systems from NSSLGlobal Technologies enabling scalable, high-availability DVB-RCS, DVB-RCS2  & DVB-S2X networks including: VSATs, Hubs, and Hub components, with value-added options for advanced data, voice, and video networking via satellite. SatLink Hubs provide the high-performance modems, IP gateway, and management and control functions for all SatLink VSAT networks. The Hub design employs SatLink’s Open Hub Architecture using a common set of modules for scalability, efficiency, throughput and re-configuration. They implement a TDM/TDMA network in compliance with DVB-S2 & DVB-RCS2 standards, offering Bandwidth-on-Demand, ACM, and Quality of Service(QoS) on all carriers. SatLink also has an optional SCPC mode for added flexibility. All SatLink networks are fully managed by the SatLink NMS.



Operation Efficiency

Your customers rely on you to move their goods around the globe and deliver them in condition and on time. This is why you need to know the exact status of every vessel at any given time, as nowadays, decisions are a joint bridge to office effort.

These decisions on finding the quickest, safest, and most economical routes to avoid unnecessary cost or delays, or to plan ahead for maintenance when required, are supported by systems that are increasingly optimised by real-time communications.

We integrate our managed communications solutions with your vessel monitoring systems so you can extend your office network to your vessels. NSSLGlobal provides end-to-end solutions for maritime customers, and we handle the installation and maintenance ourselves. Our VSAT expertise and integrated support is optimal for maintaining your operations that depend on real-time communications.

By choosing NSSLGlobal, not only will you be safe in the hands of our maritime knowledge, appreciation of ship operations and technical expertise, but you will also benefit from our complimentary services of IP technical management essential for maritime broadband services.

Expert Knowledge

NSSLGlobal has developed robust solutions designed to work under the roughest of circumstances. Installation and maintenance is done by our own qualified and certified staff. Ongoing support is delivered by our helpdesk manned by trained and skilled engineers; all in all delivering end-to-end solutions with highest uptime and lowest total cost of ownership.

Whether a low or high bandwidth package with multiple Wi-Fi points throughout the ship is chosen, NSSLGlobal can help.

Installation & Maintenance

We understand that without accurate forecasts and ongoing analysis of the actual operations, your vessel is inoperable and not making money. Robust systems and a supplier securing a high first-time fix rate are of the essence to keep operations running.

Not only do we service equipment supplied by NSSLGlobal, we also offer electronic maintenance contracts to incorporate navigational and commercial communications equipment; providing a single point of contact for marine based customers. We provide bespoke maintenance contracts to compliment any or all of our service provision, making sure the customer is always satisfied.

Crew Welfare

Where a ship has the facility of voice and data communications onboard, for the purpose of the efficient operation of a ship’s business, it is now mandatory to ensure that those same facilities are accessible for crew use, either without charge to the crew or via a crew charging facility.

No matter which VSAT IP@SEA bandwidth package you chose we can ensure your company can continue running whilst adhering to the MLC-2006 regulations for the welfare of your staff.

Premium Voice

VSAT IP@SEA and Cruise-IP customers can also enjoy NSSLGlobal’s low cost toll-quality premium voice service from just $0.25 per minute. Our service is distinguished from our competitors as we provide an additional 32 kbps dedicated CIR for each voice line over the satellite and this then terminates over the US PSTN rather than over the Internet. When calling the vessel we also offer over 50 different country codes to allow local calling rates to the vessel. Lastly we can split the phone lines into operational and crew lines if required which allows the crew to utilise NSSLGlobal’s crew cards at our special crew rates.

Bespoke Service Management Contracts

For customers managing a high number of ships or rigs in different geographical areas or time zones, NSSLGlobal provides:

  • Single point of contact to cover maintenance & repair of navigational & satcom equipment
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Annual equipment health check
  • Dedicated service manager
  • Secure online service & tracking system
  • Storage of customer-owned stock and spares for rapid deployment as required


The NSSLGlobal INSIGHT Portal has been developed by NSSLGlobal to provide a unified interface to manage and support every aspect of a customer’s billing, provisioning, operational and business critical data needs.

It offers unprecedented levels of control, flexibility and functionality - through any web browser, anywhere in the world, any time of day.

Its new VSAT Service module provides a Click Map View function that presents following information to the customers;

  • See the entire fleet on a map
  • See the vessel route based on a defined time period
  • Locate a vessel on the map or bring up the details
  • Flexible widgets showing a concise view of service
    • Site details
    • Data speeds
    • Application usage
    • Data volumes
    • Route map
  • Add and remove widgets as required, see the view you want.
  • Will remember your view of the window

In addition, all products and services are supported globally by our 24/7 Network Operation Centres, field engineers and regional support centres... providing you with local help, with a global service.

Find out more information by searching our product catalogue or contacting a member of the team at NSSLGlobal via the contact form.

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