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We're celebrating  50 years in the industry, and NSSLGLobal is now a leading satellite communications and IT Solutions provider for customers at sea and on land. Our wealth of experience and knowledge on the market means we always have something to say. Here are some blogs from different members of the company. Whether discussing newly launched technology, current affairs relating to satelitte communications or the latest developments in a market some one will have a view and this is ours.
Below are the most recent blogs by a number of our personnel, discussing the latest news and views.


26th Apr 2021Neil's Blog. The Multi-Domain Integrated Force - and the role of connectivity in persistent engagement and contingency

There has been some potentially well-founded cynicism (or genuine concern?) expressed in the media and from various armchairs about, for example, whether you can replace 4,000 or so pairs of army boots with a digital backbone and some AI, ML and edge...
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9th Oct 2020The nature of leadership...and the role of connectivity

Neil's Blog #5 by Neil Fraser, Director - Defence and Space Programmes, NSSLGlobal Some thoughts on leadership, decision making and connectivity as the British Army experiments with various systems on the Army Warfighting Experiment (AW...
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10th Sep 2020Leveraging the private sector

Blog #4 “Leveraging the private sector….” A growing role in evolving defence space architectures by Neil Fraser, Director Defence and Space Programmes, NSSLGlobal A US Space Force official, Colonel Russell Teehan, s...
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18th Aug 2020Neil's Blog Delivering Enterprise to the Edge

Blog #3 “Delivering the Enterprise to the Edge….” Enabling Contingency Planners, High Readiness Units and Small Teams Most of my military career was spent leading organisations delivering communications services.  As ...
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23rd Jul 2020UKSpace Neil's Blog

NSSLGlobal now a member of UKSpace “Contributing to the National Space Agenda….”   This week NSSLGlobal was proud to join UKSpace, the trade association of Britain’s growing space industry, forming part...
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17th Jul 2020Neil's Blog Always have a reserve, and never run out of options

“Always have a reserve, and never run out of options…. “   A perspective on operational communications planning   The Balkans, 2001 - UK Comms Detachment Commander checking the layered communications at one...
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26th Nov 2019Satcoms, Sea and seven thousand miles - UK forces take on the Atlantic Challenge

  UK FORCES TAKE ON THE TALISKER WHISKY ATLANTIC CHALLENGE It’s been a longstanding tradition of NSSLGlobal to sponsor and help intrepid explorers who push themselves to the limit for a good cause, and military organisations provide...
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2nd Sep 2019Global Comms for Government Ops

  Whether it’s for defence purposes, foreign affairs, humanitarian relief or disaster recovery, communications play an essential role in the smooth running of governmental operations. NSSLGLobal is the trusted unified communications par...
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3rd Jul 2019NSSLGlobal and the Royal Navy’s Peregrine Trophy Celebrating engineering excellence

Satcoms is an essential government requirement — whether for military purposes, humanitarian relief, disaster recovery or foreign affairs. For 50 years NSSLGlobal has been providing the satcom services and IT solutions required to ensure govern...
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17th Jun 2019NSSLGlobal is set to make waves at CommunicAsia 2019

NSSLGlobal is again demonstrating its commitment to the APAC region at CommunicAsia. Our APAC Regional Sales Director, Priya Patel, will be on stand 1Y1-01 with members of the Singapore based team,Tony and Afiq, to share insight and expertise develop...
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