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NSSLGlobal offers a full range of satellite communications for operations on land, whether a private individual requiring a handheld device or a blue chip organisation with a need for hundreds of onsite employees. With 50 years experience within the market, and some of the world’s most well known brands utilising our services, NSSLGlobal is your ideal partner to understand your needs, propose the perfect solution and support you through every process... and beyond!

NSSLGlobal owns and fully operates its Broad-IP land based satellite network, allowing end-to-end control from the site VSAT system to the internet breakout at our hubs. Whether using a fixed antenna or FlyAway solution we can offer an airtime package suitable for your needs.


The Broad-IP FlyAway utilises our world class Ku-Band VSAT network, which comprises of 5 teleports and 25 beams, to provide users with broadband speeds of up to 40 Mbps while also providing a quick deployment through the lightweight design. The network is managed by three Network Operations Centres (NOC) providing 24/7 support redundancy. This level of investment into our network allows us to guarantee a minimum 99.5% availability.

The Broad-IP FlyAway is contained within three cases with built in wheels, all of which are IATA compliant for check-in on commercial flights, meaning you can transport across continents with ease. The system is simple to deploy and can be operational within ten minutes, using our unique self-pointing application, which is supplied ready for you on the Android Smartphone included with the Broad-IP FlyAway.

For more information on the Flyaway please click here.


With five (5) hubs located strategically around the globe to maximise both coverage and availability, we can offer our sites some of the best coverage in the industry.


NSSLGlobal provides multiple beams with large satellite azimuth separation, and significant overlapping beam areas. The coverage offered on both Ku-Band and C-Band is detailed on the right, this may be subject to change but the global footprint will remain in place.

NSSLGlobal’s VSAT satellite network utilises the latest DVBS2-RCS2 technology to maximise the performance and coverage by using the Ku-Band frequency spectrum more efficiently. This is carried out by:

  • Dynamic bandwidth provisioning (Bandwidth-on-Demand).
  • Built-in Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) provides TCP Acceleration within the network and a client in the modem, improving the throughput of TCP connections in a high latency environment and enhances the user experience.
  • Premium VoIP with Quality of Service (QoS) Voice in addition to the bandwidth included in the data packages.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) for video conferencing and other critical data application allowing us to prioritise in the network the services that are important to specific sites.
  • High levels of resilience and full hub redundancy at all of our Teleports ensuring the highest availability.


Network Operation Centres (NOCs)

The network is managed by three Network Operations Centres (NOC) providing 24/7 support redundancy.

NSSLGlobal’s teleports: are located in Brewster (US), Vernon (US), Makarios (Cyprus), Perth (Australia), and Rugby(UK).

NSSLGlobal’s NOCs: are located in Redhill, Surrey (UK), Cornwall (UK), New Orleans(US)


Committed to our Customers

Guaranteed CIR – Committed Information Rate.

While each airtime package has a burst rate which is contended (shared) across the users in a subject beam, NSSLGlobal also provides customers with a Guaranteed CIR value,  based on the following conditions:

  • A Fair Use Policy applies to all of our packages (full details available)
  • NSSLGlobal manages within our network, on behalf of customer sites, Peer-to-Peer and other bandwidth hungry cloud applications that utilise bandwidth, often without the knowledge of the site's users.
  • Customer Public Static IP addresses are available at a cost.

With the knowledge of a one monthly fee, Broad-IP delivers peace of mind compared to ‘pay-as-you-go’ models, with speeds of up to 40 Mbps we can guarantee your site continues to operate globally.


INSIGHT - VSAT Service Monitoring

The INSIGHT Portal, developed by NSSLGlobal manages several facets of a user’s account, from airtime & billing to service status alerts. NSSLGlobal continues to develop its INSIGHT portal to enhance the customer experience by harmonizing all required interaction through a single web portal.

As part of our ongoing development plan a new VSAT services module has been created within INSIGHT to give customers an interactive platform from which they can receive vital information regarding their sites and connectivity. The VSAT services portal enables real time visibility of sites, with interactive widgets that allow full user customisation.


Network Security

  • NSSLGlobal staff are all security cleared.
  • Our NOCs have strict site access security, and personnel access control is provided at all our Hubs.
  • NSSLGlobal operates a Managed ISP ProtectPoint™ Intrusion Detection System (IDS) at our Hubs.


Premium VoIP Service

NSSLGlobal provides a premium VoIP Service, providing excellent voice quality at a reasonable cost throughout the world. Unlike some cheaper VoIP services NSSLGlobal provides 32kbps of dedicated QoS (Quality of Service) per VoIP line in addition to the bandwidth provided by the data package. This ensures that each phone line receives good quality VoIP even if the users are heavily utilising data at that time.


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