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Cruise Control LITE


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Cruise Control LITE
Cruise Control LITE
Cruise Control LITE
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The Cruise Control (CC) LITE provides a seamless and secure email connection between vessel and land based subscribers. CC-LITE is compatible with both FleetBroadband and Iridium Open Port, meaning it can be integrated into a number of vessels across A1 to A4 regions. The NSSLGlobal Cruise Control Portal provides a simple interface that allows creation and management of the CC-LITE email accounts. This includes setting message size limitations for an individual each vessel or for a whole fleet of vessels. Once configuration is complete in the portal, the appliance will automatically be updated with the latest configuration. The email service provides a highly efficient compressed email service over satellite, making usage over high cost links (i.e. Inmarsat) cheaper than normal email server. The CC-LITE features email compression resulting in a bandwidth saving of up to 75% per message.

The Cruise Control LITE email service:

  • Allows email to be sent automatically at regular intervals
  • Allows up to 3 mailboxes located on the local appliance
  • Allows size restrictions to be applied to different mailboxes
  • Allows different size restrictions to be applied for email over the air (satellite) and email between local users
  • Allows restrictions to be applied to different mailboxes to determine who users can send email to and receive email from

Allows users to retrieve their email from the Cruise Control LITE using any PoP3/SMTP compatible client on their PC/tablet/phone.


Product Features

Size:97 x 60 x 31mm


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