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CrewVision - the latest in onboard on-demand entertainment


Vessel owners and maritime governing bodies are increasingly recognising the importance of crew welfare. Crew are often at sea for long periods and having been brought up enjoying the benefits of a digital era involving instant communication, loneliness is proving more challenging for young people today than ever before. Research shows that mental health issues of isolation and depression are growing. One way of improving the situation is through providing  suitable entertainment either in communal areas, encouraging more interaction or in private areas.

Crew retention is crucial for maintaining the economic manning, and therefore, the operational flexibility of ship personnel. With this in mind NSSLGlobal offers a suite of low cost crew internet and entertainment services via a variety of payment options to suit all budgets.


Data speeds and voice quality unaffected by content downloads

CrewVision is NSSLGlobal’s new ship entertainment service offering a wide variety of viewing content and utilises a dedicated multi-broadcast channel over our VSAT network. This unique feature of NSSLGlobal’s VSAT IP@SEA service ensures that the vessels data speeds or voice quality are unaffected by the content downloads and also requires no additional hardware. Furthermore content is continually refreshed using NSSLGlobal’s network capacity, not the vessels, so there is no impact on the user experience.


Optional WAP points - separate operational and crew usage

CrewVision provides on-demand access to a wide variety of Movies, TV Drama, documentaries, and daily world news. The service can be provided either in communal areas on board, or if suitable Wireless Access Points are specified across the vessel, then viewing can take place by individual crew members in their own cabins using their tablets/PCs accordingly.

Ship operators can benefit and be re-assured in the following ways:

a) ship’s crew can experience faster internet speeds as a result of separating Crew Entertainment viewing from Operational and Crew Welfare internet use

b)  all CrewVision content has the applicable entertainment licences.


All CrewVision entertainment licences are included

This is an ever rising risk to vessel owners, operators and managers who are responsible if their crew download illegal content. Rather than having to put in measures to police their crew usage, our CrewVision service provides legal content thereby ensuring that no entertainment licence laws are breached in the viewing of the latest movies and entertainment.

CrewVision entertainment is refreshed on-board by receiving fresh content over each ship’s VSAT system, without impacting on the user experience of the VSAT broadband service on-board.

Entertainment and news is provided in various languages and NSSLGlobal continues to expand its content to include more regional programming to accommodate the variety of crew nationality. Please speak to us for more details of what is coming.

The way it works is quite easy. Clients can buy the CrewVision ship hardware outright, or simply rent it. Clients have the flexibility to choose a single content package, or select from the following to create their own bespoke content package:

  • 60 Hollywood movies (refreshed with 10 per month)
  • Adult Content (3 refreshes per month)
  • World News (1-2 updates per day)
  • 50 Hours Documentaries & Entertainment (5hrs/month refresh)
  • including fishing, mottoring, sport,crime, wildlife,science,food, history,world affairs, and general entertainment
  • “Der Tag” Daily German News TV Magazine (1 update per day)

News content is refreshed several times per day, and the Hollywood movies are refreshed once a month. CrewVision uses a multicast system that is set up to deliver refreshed content to all subscribing vessels without slowing down onboard Internet speeds. 

The CrewVision service is focussed on providing entertainment for crew and workstaff on commercial shipping vessels, offshore workboats, offshore platforms and floatels.

For more information please download the datasheet.

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