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Seamless management of communications & IT services




A new virtualised environment


Cruise Control+ is NSSLGlobal’s new cost effective, single server solution for the seamless management of communications and IT services on board vessels.

It enables remote deployment and delivery of new value added services, the hosting of customer applications with no additional hardware, whilst providing an IT managed service through the virtual appliance capability.

It is installed locally on board the vessel and is designed to help maritime customers manage their vessels’ business, vendor and crew welfare networks thus ensuring maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Cruise Control+ is designed to give maritime customers complete control regardless of the satellite or terrestrial communications system on board.

Within a single compact server, the virtualised platform offers a complete end-to-end solution from:

  • vessel communications management,
  • vessel level security,
  • a management control portal,
  • virtual hosting and an
  • IT managed service.

Cruise Control+ also provides maritime customers with the flexibility to deploy:

  • additional customer applications on board their vessels as well as
  • offering greater support capabilities,
  • space savings and
  • improved capacity management.

In addition, the managed service delivery removes the need for customers to manage the OS or applications on board, freeing up their time to focus on vessel priorities.


Vessel Communications Management


The core Cruise Control+ service provides seamless management of the communication bearer.

Automatic Beam Switching (ABS) ABS provides continuity of service to the customer while traversing between VSAT coverage areas. and is managed by NSSLGlobal. This is all managed without any interaction from the crew on board who can spend time focusing on critical duties
WAN Management When the vessel’s prime communication bearer (whether 4G or VSAT) is offline or in blockage, corporate network traffc is routed using NSSLGlobal’s Cruise Control+ to the on board communications backup carrier.
Network Control NSSLGlobal provides up to 6 completely segregated on board networks (i.e. for Business, Crew and Vendor).





Cruise Control+ has security built into the solution to provide customers with peace of mind and robust cybersecurity at sea.


Robust Firewall & Webfilter The networks are kept separate and protected using an industry-standard firewall on the Cruise Control+. Each network has its own set of firewall rules, allowing/denying traffic in and out of the network over the WAN connections and between the LAN connections.
Cybersecurity logs These logs will enable the HQ to access, via the Management Portal, key log information from the operating system, firewall and web filtering services. This provides an audit trail and method to track all cybersecurity activities onboard the vessel.
Unified Threat Management (UTM) -  even greater control An optional Unified Threat Management can be provided which provides a Layer 7 set of network security products designed to give even greater control and management of devices being connected to the vessel networks. Key aspects are enhanced firewall, gateway antivirus, intrusion detection and prevention capabilities and deep packet inspection for applications.
Embedded Virtual Private Network (VPN) This provides the customer (and vendors) with accelerated and encrypted VPN access, allowing secure remote on board access to their own network infrastructure via the Cruise Control+ appliance.


Management Overview and Control Portal


Split Billing The Split Billing function provides an oversight of the business, crew and vendor networks usage separately.
HQ & Vessel Portal The Cruise Control+ portal gives the shore side HQ, and also the vessel, a holistic view and real-time visibility into the different data services running on the vessel as a way of managing and controlling the bandwidth usage on board - enabling them to view and modify the permissions on specific vessels within a fleet.
Monitoring The Cruise Control+ appliance provides a local vessel portal that enables the Captain to monitor and maintain control over the on board network and satellite link at any time.









Value Added Services


The suite of tools available means that NSSLGlobal are able to detect and rectify traffic issues/bottlenecks, malicious traffic types,monitor our SatLink equipment at our hubs and the satellite router on the vessel.

CrewVision - essential for crew welfare CrewVision is NSSLGlobal’s proprietory ship info/entertainment system offering a wide variety of viewing content - viewing can take place by individual crew members in their own cabins using their personal tablets/PCs or in communal areas.
Crew UNITE - essential for crew welfare When crew are away at sea they can maintain contact with home using our Crew UNITE service.
Email Our robust Email service provides compression and resilience over a high latency network.
Integrated IP PBX The new integrated and cost effective IP PBX provides customers with the opportunity to move from analogue phones to IP phones enabling better mobility for users on the vessel as well as calls within the vessel.












Customer Hosted Applications and IT Management


In a world where everybody expects their IT systems to work seamlessly, it is crucial that vessels are supported 24/7. It may be that the customer’s IT teams are occupied with daily operations and this is where our IT management service can assist. With our new virtualised environment within the Cruise Control+ hardware, we are now able to offer management of operating systems and applications.

Customers can opt for a range of managed IT solutions from NSSLGlobal including a state-of-the-art Unified Threat Management service, Windows Server solution as well as a managed antivirus solution for clients on board the vessel, all optimised to work efficiently over satellite. Customers can now feel assured that configurations, updates and patches are being managed without the need for costly expertise and training on the specific platforms


Please download the brochure for more detailed information about Cruise Control+. 


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