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New NSSLGlobal whitepaper

Autonomous/Drone Shipping 

The economics, timing and communications considerations… 


The idea of autonomous shipping is fascinating, but the issues of technology, safety and regulation are still very much unresolved.  Although we may be about to see some rapid technological developments in ships and how they can be navigated remotely, the reality of sailing crewless vessels is yet to be properly defined. 


In this forward-looking whitepaper NSSLGlobal outlines its views and predictions on the requirements needed to make autonomous shipping a reality and the role of satellite communication systems in enabling crewless cargo vessels. We cover: 


  • When we’re likely to see remote-controlled sea vehicles appear
  • The economics of ‘droning’ sea-bound vehicles
  • The role VSAT communications will have in enabling ship-to-shore communications
  • The importance of cybersecurity 


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NSSLGlobal is an independent service provider of satellite communications and IT support, committed to delivering high-quality voice and data services to customers anywhere in the world, regardless of location or terrain. Along with NSSLGlobal's world-class VSAT network, the company brings together the best-in-class satellite solutions from key market providers such as Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium, to offer options across C-, L-, Ka- and Ku-Band networks. NSSLGlobal was established in 1969 and is now a leading satellite communications provider who prides itself on delivering excellent customer service, whilst delivering off-the-shelf or bespoke products and packages to suit clients' needs.

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With the world's ocean covering over 70 percent of the earth's surface, and businesses running 24/7, it comes as no surprise the vital role satellite communications plays in keeping vessels connected with shore activity. Whether a small vessel looking for a simple GMDSS safety radio or a ship management company looking for a full fleet VSAT rollout, NSSLGlobal can deliver the ideal solution. Find out more on our Maritime Communications


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