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Hughes 9202M BGAN


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Hughes 9202M BGAN
Hughes 9202M BGAN
Hughes 9202M BGAN

The Hughes 9202M is one of the smallest class 2 BGAN terminals available, users are able to connect at speeds of up to 464 kbps, as well as take advantage of features such as multi-user Wi-Fi access and full ISDN support. This terminal is ideal for governments, NGOs and remote personnel in industries such as utility, oil and gas, forestry, cable and telecommunications.

Built for extreme environments

The Hughes 9202M has been ruggedised to operate in frozen, or blazing hot temperatures - the IP55 rating ensures that the terminal is safe from dust and water jets.

Professional Performance

This terminal offers the performance you need to carry out your work in the field, with high qualitiy voice and broadband up to 464 kbps. With the power to provide standard/premium voice, email, web browsing, VPN, Video/audio streaming and access to work specific IP applications, location or environment is no longer a barrier to getting the job done.


Product Features

Size:216 x 216 x 45 mm
Standby Time:up to 36 hours
Install Options:Portable Land System
IP Rating:IP55
Standard IP:Up to 464kbps
Streaming IP:32, 64 & 128kbps
ISDN Data:64kbps
Voice:4kbps & 3.1kHz Audio
Fax:Group 3 Fax via 3.1kHz audio
SMS:160 characters


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