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IsatPhone 2


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IsatPhone 2
IsatPhone 2
IsatPhone 2
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A tough phone for a tough world! The new IsatPhone 2 has been designed to handle the most extreme of conditions. Evolving from the popular IsatPhone Pro, the new handset from Inmarsat continues to deliver a no-nonsense, but reliable phone to communicate globally. The new design also means the antenna is always connected, even when it’s not fully deployed, so you don’t miss a call... no matter where you are!

The handset packs a whopping 8 hour talk time and 160 hours of standby time, so you can always depend on the IsatPhone 2. The robust design and IP65/IK04 rating ensures the handset is dust, splash and shock resistant.

Together, IsatPhone 2’s design and capabilities – including safety features – makes it ideal for the most demanding of users in sectors such as civil government, oil and gas, NGOs and media.

Global Coverage
The Inmarsat satellite service is available globally, apart from the poles, call costs remain the same throughout the globe so wherever you go there will be no roaming charges incurred. Using the I-4 satellites Inmarsat can offer 99.9% network availability and this reduces the risk of dropped calls.

Featured on the IsatPhone 2 is a transflective screen – this will enable the user to read the display in the brightest of conditions. The technology uses the ambient light to add visibility to the screen brightness. Also utilised is a gorilla glass display that is engineered for a combination of thinness, lightness and damage resistance.

Find E-Compass
The E-Compass is an automated and manual application which assists the user in registering to the network. If the initial connection fails the IsatPhone 2 automatically displays an on-screen aid, and by utilising the in-built magnetometer, will help the user to direct the antenna towards the satellite. In addition, the IsatPhone 2 also offers fast network registration and will achieve a signal in less than 45 seconds, so you can always make that important call in a timely manner.

Enhanced Safety Features
IsatPhone 2 comes equipped with an assistance button, which when pressed sends a predefined message and your GPS location to an allocated number, meaning you can share your location with the touch of a button. The device also offers an emergency tracking service via a dedicated button. Once the button has been pressed your location information will be sent to an assigned email or number, which will enable people to track your whereabouts. Also the phone can be tracked in third party tracking portals.


Product Features

Size:170 x 76 x 30 mm
Standby Time:up to 180 hours
Talk Time:up to 8 hours
Install Options:Fixed/Vehicular/Maritime docking options
IP Rating:IP65
Standard IP:2.4kbps
SMS:160 characters


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