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SAILOR Fleet One


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The SAILOR Fleet One is a compact, lightweight and easy to install satellite communication system providing background IP data throughput speeds of up to 150 kbps for smaller vessels which operate at sea but are not generally ocean going, and have a small number of personnel onboard.

Designed to accommodate the demand for modest users of e-mail, web-browsing and social media sites, the SAILOR Fleet One is most suitable for small commercial fishing vessels, recreational yachts and motor-crusiers which operate under tight financial constraints, and which operate in coastal and offshore sea areas, rather than ocean going.


The SAILOR Fleet One is easy to install, with everything that you need to get started contained in the box. The system comprises of a light weight antenna connected by a 10 m coaxial cable to the below deck unit (BDU), and can be up and running within just a few hours.

Data & Voice Connectivity
Both IP data and single line voice calling is enabled for fishing and recreational users who need reliable voice communications and internet connectivity onboard, when cellular networks aren’t avaialble, or just don’t offer the quality needed for good communications.

Product Features

Size:278 x 264 x 41 mm
Install Options:Fixed Maritime System
IP Rating:IPX6
Standard IP:Up to 150kbps
Antenna Size:dia 275.6 x 291.9 mm
Antenna Weight:3.9kg
SMS:160 characters

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