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SAILOR 4300 Certus


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Next Generation

Iridium Certus is a new portfolio of global satellite services powered by Iridium® NEXT, a ground-breaking L-band global satellite constellation, which features a cross-linked Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) architecture to provide 100% coverage over the earth’s surface. With SAILOR 4300 providing your on-board link, you are guaranteed high bandwidth IP connectivity and three high-quality voice lines for global calling wherever you are.

Heavyweight applications

Available in bulkhead and 19” rackmount configuration, SAILOR 4300 offers the most reliable connection to the Iridium® NEXT satellite network with speeds suitable for data-heavy applications including VC, Internet/VPN, IoT and telemedicine, alongside regular usage including email and crew communication. Where the Iridium Certus service is the backup service to the NSSLGlobal VSAT IP@SEA service, then you can be assured the service is fully integrated into the NSSLGlobal SMART@SEA solution and continues to give complete control of all data and voice services being delivered to the vessel and its crew.

Operational continuity

SAILOR 4300 is designed to withstand the harshest maritime environments. Reliability is high and lifecycle costs are inherently low – it is built to such high quality that there is no scheduled service interval and no maintenance for at least 10 years after installation. Should you experience any issues you can be assured help is close to hand, NSSLGlobal operates a 24/7 worldwide service with support teams fully trained in all Iridium products. Should the issue be hardware related then as a Cobham master distributor NSSLGlobal can arrange for repair of the unit.

Product Features

Network:Iridium Certus
Size:342.5 x 270 x 42 mm
Install Options:Fixed Maritime System
IP Rating:IPX6
Standard IP:Up to 704/176kbps via firmware update
Antenna Size:dia 380 x 253 mm
Antenna Weight:8.0kg

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