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Oceana 800


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Operating on Inmarsat’s "FleetPhone" service is the Oceana 800  unit, which is purposely designed for use as a fixed solution on maritime vessels. When sailing, the Oceana 800 offers a perfect solution that is ready for the rough conditions onboard any maritime vessel. It provides a permanent and reliable communications service and comes supplied with a dedicated active antenna system to deliver a completely integrated solution that is ready for use anytime.

The Oceana 800 offers dependable access to voice, low-speed data communications and easy-to-use SMS texting at sea. Easy to install and compact, the Oceana 800 is ideally suited to commercial, fishing, leisure and government vessels with voice, low data rate and tracking requirements. It also supports multiple users and free 505 Emergency Calling.

Reliable Network

The Oceana 800 operates on the Inmarsat GSPS network which has global coverage apart from the poles. Using the I-4 satellites Inmarsat can offer 99.9% network availability and this reduces the risk of dropped calls. The FleetPhone service is specifically designed for use with this model and offers reliable global communication solution and additional voice lines if required.


Product Features

Size:241 x 185 x 93 mm
Standby Time:Mains Power
Talk Time:Mains Power
Install Options:Fixed Maritime System
IP Rating:IP54
SMS:160 characters

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