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Intellian C700


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Best in class performance, global ocean ranging solution
The Intellian C700 provides a truly global solution, utilising the most powerful Certus antenna available via the Iridium NEXT LEO constellation. Covering all ocean regions, the combination of the Iridium constellation and NSSLGlobal network infrastructure ensures
the customer will experience the best possible voice and data service. A single cable solution provides both power and communication between the antenna and above decks unit. The C700 antenna incorporates a 12 patched phased array antenna, giving coverage
even at low elevation. Using the Iridium Certus service, the terminal currently delivers the highest available
Certus 704kbps/352kbps connection speed. Use of the inbuilt 3 independent voice lines is also enhanced by the low latency Certus
connection, as well as inbuilt POE giving power and comms to connected SIP phones across a single connection.
NSSLGlobal has also fully integrated the Iridium Certus® service into its next gen customer INSIGHT Portal for the complete management of the Certus service.

Customisable Platform
Built with maritime customers in mind, the C700 terminal can be configured either a primary communications solution on board, or a VSAT companion. The front three RJ45 ports can each support SIP phones or data connections to a computer. Via a local switch, the terminal can also support up to 16 handsets from its built in soft PBX. A dedicated POTS RJ14 port can support an analogue handset, with the option to add another handset via a splitter.
The C700 also features a configurable WAN port, allowing an external bearer such as an LTE modem or wired network connection to be used as the main communications path when available. The option to use different WAN connections with seamless transfer to Satellite
enables the C700 to cater for both longer in situ use with redundancy for communication, as well as ocean going use with its truly global coverage.

Product Features

Network:Iridium Certus
Size:28/18.5/4 cm
IP Rating:ADU IP56 BDU IP31
Standard IP:Up to 704/352kbps
Antenna Size:37 dia x 17H cm
Antenna Weight:7.3kg
Voice:3 HQ Lines

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