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Oceanic Dynamics


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Oceanic Dynamics is a complete performance monitoring system designed to collect information and report findings to enable owners and operators to improve safety and efficiency, save on resources and provide clients with completely transparent reports.

Assembled together in a robust toughened ABS carry case the easy to install Oceanic Dynamics system collects data from several sources on-board, and provides the ship operator a clear understanding of the vessel performance. The reporting system can be tailored to the content, complexity and the frequency required by the operator.

The information can be distributed via VSAT,  GSM  and Wi-Fi which means data can be dispatched in real time for immediate analysis and action.

  • HD CCTV – Bullet Camera

  • MRU- Motion Reference Unit

  • CanBus Modules – Can1 & Can2

  • Machinery Space and  Passenger Accommodation Units

  • GPS – Positional Data


Oceanic Dynamics collection unit

Assembled within a robust toughened ABS carry case the Collection Unit is tough enough to survive in the harshest environments. Installation and removal are quick and simple with all cable connections being made via plug/socket on the exterior of the case unit. 100-240VAC 50/60Hz is the only power requirement for the unit.


The MRU is a compact unit measuring only 130mm long. Power and data use one standard serial cable plugged in at both the collection unit and the MRU. No termination or calibration required. The MRU is capable of sustaining shock up to 2000g and working between -40 and 85 °C. Well within the expected conditions on-board even during the harshest of seas.

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