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Cobham AVIATOR UAV 200


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Cobham AVIATOR UAV 200
The AVIATOR UAV 200 is a revolutionary new solution from Cobham SATCOM that redefines UAV satcom connectivity by integrating everything into one compact, lightweight box.

The AVIATOR UAV 200 matches the connectivity and performance of larger, class-leading satcom systems, but in a far smaller, lighter and less power-demanding package. This enhances the performance and capabilities of your tactical UAV whilst expanding its payload flexibility.

Tactical UAVs depend upon lightweight components to maximise range, endurance and operational use. However, until now, the size, weight and power requirements of Inmarsat satcom hardware made it impossible to take advantage of the higher speed connectivity from today’s satellite networks.

Product Features

Size:24 x 16 x 6 cm
Standard IP:Up to 200 kbps

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