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The Packages
CrewVision entertainment packages are available as follows; clients have the flexibility to choose a single content package or select a choice of the following packages to suit their budget and taste:
• Hollywood Movies (Refreshed monthly) 60 Movies with 10 refreshed per month
• Worldwide News (Refreshed twice daily) 30 minute news bulletin
• TV Programmes (Refreshed monthly) 50 hours with 5 hours refreshed per month
   Including Fishing, Mortoring, Sport, Crime, Wildlife, Science, Food, History, World Affairs and General Entertainment
• Licensed pre-recorded sports highlights
As well as providing entertainment for crew on ships currently fitted with NSSLGlobal’s VSAT IP@SEA service, CrewVision also provides varied entertainment for crew and offshore working staff on offshore support vessels (OSVs), crew transfer vessels (CTVs), offshore platforms and floatels.
The service can be provided either in communal areas on board, or if suitable Wireless Access Points are specified across the vessel, then viewing can take place by individual crew members in their own cabins using their tablets/PCs.
Specs & Hardware
• Micro Streamer (no additional hardware required where VSAT IP@SEA is provided).
• 8-Port Switch (with 19” rack back panel)
• 4pcs Set-top Box (1 for each HDMI television)
• 300m CAT-5 Cable
• RJ45 Connectors, Wall Boxes and Fascia Plates
• 12pcs of 1m & 1.5m LAN (CAT-5 cables)
• Easy-to-use remote control
Use of CrewVision mobile to view content on Crew’s own devices is dependenton the capability of the on-board Wireless Access Points. Speak to your sales representative to find out more.

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