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Ultra-Compact COTM BGAN
The EXPLORER 323 is Cobham’s most compact MSS solution to date. This lightweight terminal offers voice & data via a combined transceiver & switched beam antenna and also boasts integrated Wi-Fi. The combination of the Inmarsat service and NSSLGlobal network infrastructure ensures the customer will experience the best possible voice and data service when using this equipment.                                                                                                   
The unit has been designed around ease of use, resulting in installation being as simple as placing the terminal on your vehicle roof, linking power and connecting to its inbuilt Wi-Fi via your smartphone or laptop computer. At just 3.6kg, the unit is much smaller than the previous EXPLORER offerings. This small form factor as well as its solid state design make it the perfect choice for vehicular comms on the move.

A dynamic mobile platform                                                                                                                                    Utilising the well-established Inmarsat BGAN network, this terminal provides global coverage*, making it ideal for solutions such as trains which cross vast distances and need a reliable communications facility no matter the terrain or local infrastructure. 

Offering both a Standard IP capability of up to 200kbps and a dedicated streaming speed of up to 32kbps, the EXPLORER 323 suits a range of applications. High quality voice, basic web browsing and email, as well as IOT functions are all achievable depending on demand. Both the portability of size of the terminal have led to Inmarsat naming the EXPLORER 323 as the first Class 12 terminal.

A single status LED on the bottom of the unit case allows the user to check the status of the terminal without having to remove it from its mounting position. NSSLGlobal has also fully integrated the Inmarsat BGAN services into its next gen  customer INSIGHT Portal for the complete management of the service.

Product Features

Network:Inmarsat BGAN
Size:97 x 321 cm
IP Rating:IP66
Standard IP:Up to 384kbps
Streaming IP:32, 64kbps
Antenna Size:32.1 dia x 9.7H cm
Antenna Weight:3.6kg

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