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Flightcell DZMx


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Flightcell DZMx
Flightcell DZMx
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Compact, Lightweight, Tough & Intelligent

The Flightcell DZMx is a powerful communications centre, built using a modular design, the DZMx can host up to three modems, providing a combination of the following services all operating from one console within the cockpit:
Iridium PTT
Iridium Voice services
Iridium Data services
Dedicated Tracking  
LTE service (cellular voice & data)
Fast, Secure One to Many communications
The ability to utilise such a wide range of communication methods means the DZMx is the natural choice for aircraft communications. Global PTT functionality enables pilots to instantly communicate with flight command, ground vehicles, stationed personnel and mobile deployments globally at the touch of a button. Incoming calls can also be routed anybody on board, with Bluetooth connectivity built into the DZMx for ease of operation. Offering AES-256 Encryption Iridium PTT also ensures that your voice traffic remains secure.
Fast, Secure One to Many communications
The Flightcell DZM is trusted by governments and state departments around the world to provide mission critical communication. The United States, Danish, South Korean, Chilean, Turkish and Colombian Air Forces as well as the United States Army, Marines and Department of State all rely on the DZM to provide communication when it is needed most. 
In emergency situations, rapid signals can be sent to indicate the circumstances, allowing the pilot to concentrate on the operational situation. Reporting under fire and emergency messages can be achieved by a single button press. In addition to tracking via Iridium SBD, the DZM can output a constant monitoring signal, alerting flight command if the aircraft unexpectedly ceases transmission.  

Product Features

Size:DZUS Mount- 146w x 57h x 110d mm / GA Mount- 158w x 60h x 110d mm
Coverage:Truly Global


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