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Next generation unified communications for Asia
FusionIP-LITE integrates the best of two communication worlds for the Asia seas. With FusionIP-LITE the cellular connectivity is your primary connection and satcom your secondary, when you move out of cellular range you will be seamlessly transitioned between networks to achieve “always on communications” and
ensuring you receive optimum data speeds.

Cost savings with only a single monthly fee
FusionIP-LITE has a single monthly service fee whether you use cellular or satcom, while you remain within your data package. Additionally, with FusionIP-LITE you don’t need multiple LTE SIMS, as regardless of the country or region you will always remain connected while also receiving the best possible speeds

Benefits of FusionIP-LITE include:
• Always on connectivity
• One monthly service fee
• One SIM for LTE service
• Minimum 3 month contract
• Seamless coverage
• One technical 24/7 point of contact
You will operate safer, smarter and more efficiently through the power of always
available communication.


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