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Rugged, Rapid Global Comms 
                                                                                                                                          The ICOM IC-SAT100 sets a new standard for durability.  Designed using ICOM’s 45 years of radio equipment experience, the handset enables use of the rapid & reliable Iridium PTT platform whilst being equipped for the most challenging conditions on the planet. Built for use in any operational situation with an IP67 ingress protection & MIL-810 G rating. The handset can be fully submerged in water, operated in temperatures between  -30°C & 60°C and have differential antennas connected for use in a building, vehicle, aircraft or maritime vessel. No matter the application, the handset with the best ingress protection in the marketplace gives users unparalleled performance.

Iridium Push-to-Talk                                                                                                                                                        Only Iridium can deliver Push-To-Talk the way it was meant to be – fast, simple and adaptable to evolving situations with the power of Iridium’s global satellite network. When using the handset your teams have access to unparalleled situation awareness as well as control features such as automatic registration, over-the-air talkgroup programming, PTT service status, dynamic talkgroup selection and monitoring, device talker ID, device talker distance and bearing and also visual and audio talkgroup scan. 

Intelligent pathways                                                                                                                                                            Utilising the ICOM VE/PG4 ROIP Gateway, the IC-SAT100 can be configured to bridge onto existing radio networks, PBXs & other telephony networks. This enables the handset to be called from a standard telephone handset or existing radio setup, giving a wide scope to integrate PTT into existing communication networks. 

The IC-SAT100 is also equipped with a SOS button, which when pressed gives the user open comms to all other handsets in the talkgroup. Using the inbuilt navigation features, other users can navigate to the user in distress. Offering AES-256 Encryption Iridium PTT also ensures that your voice traffic remains secure.

Product Features

Size:57.8 X 135 X 32.8mm
Weight:360g (with battery)

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