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Hughes 9211 BGAN


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Hughes 9211 BGAN
Hughes 9211 BGAN
Hughes 9211 BGAN
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The Hughes 9211 is the world’s smallest and lightest HDR capable BGAN, ideal for media, governments, NGO’s, mobile healthcare providers and any others who demand the finest balance of high performance, quality of service and lowest cost. 

The Hughes 9211 enables users to send and receive IP traffic via Ethernet and/or WiFi and voice/fax capability via the RJ11 port. It is all IP based and offers Class Standard IP and selectable Streaming IP levels.

High data rate

This terminal offers the HDR compatibility which in conjunction with the Inmarsat BGAN HDR service you can achieve transmit speeds of over 650 kbps. This offers the performance you need to carry out your work in the field, with high quality voice and broadband services. 

Reliable connectivity

The Hughes 9211 utilises the Inmarsat BGAN network which operates globally apart from the poles, costs remain the same throughout the globe so wherever you go there will be no roaming charges incurred. Using the I-4 satellites Inmarsat can offer 99.9% network availability and this reduces the risk of dropped connections.

External antenna

An external antenna is available to support long RF cable runs for temporary or permanent fixed-site installations. The user even has the freedom to connect a vehicular tracking antenna which enables comms-on-the-move directly from the 9211 terminal.

Product Features

Size:232 x 292 x 51 mm
Weight:2.02 kg
IP Rating:IP65
Standard IP:Up to 492 kbps
Streaming IP:32, 64, 128, 384 kbps, HDR half channel & HDR full channel asymmetric


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