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Marine Cellular System


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The HYBRID broadband Marine Cellular System, integrates coastal 3G/4G cellular broadband with FleetOne, FleetBroadband, Iridium and VSAT broadband satcom services.  

Focused on providing a comprehensive broadband hybrid platform for shipping, offshore support vessels (OSV) and fishing vessels, NSSLGlobal’s in-house built marine 3G/4G cellular hardware utilises worldwide compatible SIM Cards from Vodafone Roaming Services, and integrates this service with satcom maritime broadband provided by established satellite communications service operators.

By extending land based cellular coverage offshore, vessels will benefit from operational flexibility and availability of significantly high broadband throughput, at low cost in coastal areas worldwide. The airtime costs of the cellular aspect of the hybrid platform are simplified by using one fixed roaming price per continental zone.


Product Features

Size:Antenna- 75 x 560 x 75mm / Enclosure -200 x 200m x 80mm

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