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Low Profile BGAN


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Low Profile BGAN
Low Profile BGAN
Low Profile BGAN
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A deployable, hidden BGAN terminal designed for covert surveillance operations

Combining Inmarsat’s BGAN service with a lay-flat rapidly deployable antenna delivers an innovative, remote capability allowing unmanned, concealed surveillance.

A rapid-to-deploy, coverable, covert antenna allowing the user to bury the antenna under a layer of material yet maintain connectivity is combined with a toughened, remotely operated BGAN terminal providing broadband data rates.

This capability allows the terminal, when fitted to triggers and surveillance hardware, to lay dormant until awoken by a network command from the command centre or triggered into action by an event in the field.

Compatible with a wide range of government furnished equipment, the LPRB is designed to be deployed for long period of time without any attendance, allowing users to activate the terminal remotely using SMS or UT.

Remote Management
An IP Watchdog integrated into the system ensures “always-on” network connectivity. When the terminal loses power no manual intervention is required to reawaken it. Auto on/auto-context activation automatically restores power and PDP connection to itself following loss of power and/or IP connection, the terminal can be awoken by remote control via SMS or UT.

Covert Antenna
A rugged antenna that still achieves high performance when laid flat allows for easy deployment in a variety of locations. With the ability to cover the terminal in soil, sand or even water, the LPRB, harnessing the resilience of BGAN, allows peace of mind that your connection is going to be maintained even in the most hostile situations.

Product Features

Size:253.5 x 176.5 x 53mm
Antenna Size:240 x 240 x 29mm
Antenna Weight:<5Kg


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