Keeping you in control

INSIGHT is a unique, secure, web-based, business intelligence tool, providing access to the following billing information and services:

  • Comprehensive and costed daily call data records
  • Monitoring and alerting of unusual traffic usage and/or account information
  • Customised ‘one-off’ and scheduled service status reports, showing any planned or unplanned maintenance to all NSSLGlobal supplied services
  • Visibility of all terminals using the land or maritime VSAT Services, showing key statistics regarding the service and use per terminal
  • Usage of companion products such as premium voice, Fleet broadband and Iridium Certus terminals can also be viewed alongside the VSAT statistics

Vessel operators can access information about service jobs performed on your vessel by NSSLGlobal, drilling down to the job number, location of the job, type of service work performed, a description of the job, start and end date, job status and finally the number of documents produced from the vessel visit (surveys, installation, overhauls, licenses, etc).

Visibility and transparency
You can generate the following reports showing key dates in the past and for the future:

  • Annual equipment health checks and maintenance reports
  • Scheduled work plans in accordance with the vessel’s operation and schedule
  • Fleet, vessel and equipment reporting
  • Faults to obsolete equipment
  • Expiry alerts on all VDR, APT’s, Gyro and GMDSS equipment as per applicable class and certification

This centralised reporting function available through INSIGHT gives you more visibility and control of the vessels and equipment in your SMART Maintenance Plan.

INSIGHT can be used to view:

  • Onboard service and maintenance history
  • Average downtime per equipment grouping
  • Fault history and trend analysis
  • Cost of ownership information
  • Equipment review showing level of support and spares still available from the equipment manufacturer (obsolescence reporting)
  • Opportunities for cost reduction and service alignment
  • Total cost of service per vessel
  • Review of all costs
  • Number of attendances per ship
  • First Time Fix (FTF) ratio (target of 98%)