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Keeping Communication Live in Tough Terrain

NSSLGlobal has been working with military and governments for over 45 years. Our experience, expertise and knowledge will enable us to deliver the same cutting-edge technology we currently operate, along with security cleared technical services staff.

Satellite communications are an essential element for any government, whether for military purpose, disaster recovery or foreign affairs. Reliable connectivity plays a key role when supporting operations, delivering sensitive information or providing a crucial interactive gateway.

NSSLGlobal can deliver:

  • Secure and rapidly deployed, end-to-end communications
  • Bearer agnostic baseband solutions
  • Broadband/HTS speeds of up to 40 Mbits
  • Tele-engineering and VTC
  • 24/7 Global support
  • Discreet communications systems and networks



As a leading supplier of satellite communications to forces at land and sea, NSSLGlobal is the ideal partner for any country looking for a secure way to transmit data.

NSSLGlobal are entrusted to keep an “always-on” connection to assist operational commands and send critical information in a reliable and timely manner.

The escalating demands for the military satellite communications means that government agencies are looking at commercial companies, like NSSLGlobal, to provide the necessary hardware, airtime and capacity required ensuring operations run smoothly and effectively.

In addition, with troops in the field for long periods of time, government agencies also have the moral obligation to ensure deployed troops have the communication capability to guarantee they can stay connected with friends and family back home. With our Pre-paid calling cards, individuals can utilise the bandwidth without increasing costs or interrupting commercial affairs.


A nation’s society depends on their government to protect them and ensure the safety of the country is in-hand. Whether dealing with the aftermath of a disaster or engaging on foreign territory NSSLGlobal can assist.

Whether you need to communicate unclassified or confidential information, we design, build and deploy bespoke radio, satellite and internet communication systems, enabling you to be confident you can communicate in the most remote or hazardous locations

We provide portable and fixed satellite connections which are suitable for voice, voice and data, and specialist systems for the highest level of secure communications. Hand-held voice satellite systems - similar to mobile phones - are ideal for first reporting of emergencies from remote areas. Broadband units which offer internet access are suitable for more detailed reporting. We can also provide systems with encrypted phones as well as internet connections.


With a point of presence in all the major continents providing a global reach, the flexibility to adapt to any company's individual needs and access to the best products in the market NSSLGlobal is the ideal partner for any of your satellite communications needs.

In addition, all products and services are supported globally by our 24/7 Network Operation Centre’s, field engineers and regional support centres... providing you with local help, but with a global service.

Find out more information by contacting a member of the media division at NSSLGlobal via the contact form.

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