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Whether it’s for defence tasks, foreign affairs, humanitarian relief, first responders or disaster recovery roles, communications are essential to planning and preparing for, establishing and running operations.  NSSLGlobal has been meeting the demands of Government and Defence customers for over 50 years, leveraging our portfolio of products and services to deliver resilient, secure solutions tailored to users at sea, on land and in the air. 

We pride ourselves on understanding the customer problem and bringing the most appropriate technology together to solve it. Our security cleared technical services staff and engineers are among the best in the industry and many are ex-military ensuring our clients get world-class consultancy and project management on both mobility and fixed infrastructures.  We operate globally with Group offices across the UK, Germany, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Singapore, Israel and the US; providing 24/7/365 global technical support from our Network Operation Centres.



NSSLGlobal brings best of breed technology to customers and provides coverage through our own robust VSAT network which offers the most extensive Ku-Band and C-Band coverage in the industry. Additionally,  with our Tier 1 partnerships we offer global and regional options across C-, L-, Ka- and Ku-Band networks ensuring “always on” connectivity. Our network services are complimented by our bespoke engineering solutions delivering secure comms regardless of the bearer.


NSSLGlobal's R&D arm based in Norway owns and develops our SatLink modem and hub technology and we are the only operator to be able to offer full end-to-end support responsibility as well as customising our modem features and developments around our key customer requirements. Our SatLink modem technology is future-proof with the ability to scale up to 150Mbits to cater for future needs and the evolution of IP based applications and services. Our modem has no cumbersome ‘option files’ and instead stores all of the beam forward links in the modem, enabling it to move seamlessly between satellites.

SatLink Hub and Modem Technology

For example, in our Maritime VSAT IP@SEA and Cruise-IP services the software adapts to the roll and pitch of the sea making it less susceptible to outages, it is equipped with a GPS interface for fast automatic logon and synchronisation and an optional inhibited switch prevents inadvertent transmissions outside authorised areas. It operates on one of the largest and most reliable networks in the industry.

The NSSLGLobal VSAT service includes 5 global Teleports and 25 satellite beams covering a global service. These are all connected via our global IP backbone which allows users to deploy and move between the Satellites and Teleports seamlessly, critical for short notice and flexible defence users. For further details about our cover checkout our charts webpage to see our current coverage. We can also offer airtime packages which range from our Economy right up to our Premium Max and using our own network means we can offer customised packages to meet specific “use cases” Please get in touch with us on enquires@nsslglobal.com with your individual requirements for bandwidth.

Virtualised Network Management

Widely used across the commercial sector, but also relevant to and able to be used by government customers, SMART@SEA is NSSLGlobal’s cost effective, single server solution for the seamless management of communications on-board maritime vessels. Automatically managing connections, the S@S will switch between satellite beams, antennas, LTE and port Wi-Fi ensuring that you are always connected and using the fastest possible connection. In addition to this, all traffic passing through S@S can be controlled and routed; ensuring data and devices on board remain secure.  For further details download our SMART@SEA brochure here

Agnostic provider

As a tier one partner for all the major L-Band providers and LTE (3G/4G) we are able to provide the right solution for the customer, with hybrid solutions particularly well suited to regionally deployed maritime units, or land users needing access to multiple network options. Based either on coverage, terminal size, speed, features and cost we can recommend the right solution to fit your requirements and budget. To see our range of L-Band products click here or see coverage maps click here.


NSSLGlobal has been serving some of the world’s largest Governments and Defence organisations including NATO member states with solutions for over 30 years. The security controls in place are at the core of all NSSLGlobal solutions, ensuring customers are able to maintain full control of their network and infrastructure. Our Point of Presence, Teleports and Customer Information Systems form part of our core infrastructure that deliver all voice, data and IT services and connectivity to our customers, all of which are designed with cybersecurity in mind.  



Depending on the requirement, networks are connected from NSSLGlobal’s secure network into wider government or defence enterprise networks - enabling seamless and secure connectivity from the “Enterprise to the Edge”.  Our defence understanding and core customer solutions enable us to leverage the best of breed technology for defence and government users. For further details download our cyber brochure here.

For example:

  • Royal Marine with the OSPREYSecure IP Node - we provide this to many key customers, the NSSLGlobal Secure IP Node can be configured for different Security Classifications using approved crypto devices and will utilise any available bearer.  This can be integrated into Customer Premise Networks for seamless operation.
  • Multi-Domain Flyaway Node – Our bespoke MD-FAN  provides multi-level secure access to defence and other networks, ideal for small team communications for reconnaissance and planning tasks – and needing access to defence enterprise.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) - we design, build and deploy bespoke communication systems, often as VPN’s. We provide solutions that can be securely accessed from almost anywhere in the world via satellite, mobile networks, terrestrial radio and cable infrastructure and maintain a high level of data security throughout all bearers.  
  • Encryption and Quality of Service (QoS) – we provide solutions for Government that solve the additional challenge of being able to maintain end to end encryption, Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic management of data even while it is traversing through different bearer systems and network gateways.


The NSSLGlobal supply chain and partnerships mean we can provide independence when designing solutions.  While we have our own tailored products and services, we are constantly scanning for developments in the market. Often these can be applied (sometimes adapted for, sometimes simply adopted) for Government and Defence users.  NSSLGlobal leverages bandwidth from several suppliers to bring a variety of communications services to users.  We also have a portfolio of solutions for small team communications, together with satcom solutions for wider land and aero communications. 

SatLink Hub and Modem technology

Managing complexities

We understand that, particularly for the military user, service is often about resilience levels, or size weight and power (SWAP), or the complexity of fitting communications solutions to platforms with weapon systems, radar, electronic warfare capabilities and so on.  Our engineers work in these environments regularly and can work with the customer and other solution providers to manage these complexities.

Our solutions include:

  • Satcom hardware – ranging from vehicle mounted to deployable, and from commercial to military specification, we have terminal solutions for sea, land and air. We combine the appropriate hardware with the right solution to meet your requirement.
  • Push to Talk (PTT) and Handheld solutions – We provide a wealth of handheld solutions that provide core voice services to a Push to Talk (PTT) service. The PTT services provides a truly global solution that has you covered wherever you are. Combined with AES-256 encryption ensures your comms is your own. Using the NSSLGLobal portal you can quickly define coverages areas and talk groups that allow changes on the fly.  
  • Netted Comms - we bring together dispersed field operators on satellite, radio, mobile, wifi and fixed line operated devices across land, sea and air, to enable real-time information sharing and response co-ordination. Cost effective and scalable, netted communication solutions enable data to be received from users worldwide onto one platform. Devices deployed across the globe can be managed from one location and ensures key-decisions are communicated between command centres and field operators.
  • Secure Deployable Video Teleconference – we deliver small form tactical VTC to enable on shore subject matter expert advice for maritime vessels (e.g. medical or specialist engineering), for reconnaissance teams or for command and control.
  • Field asset tracking - our portfolio of Tracking solutions ranges from Personnel to Vehicle to Aircraft and integrate with our Web based Tracking Portal.  Where customers have their own asset tracking systems, we can ensure that our products and services seamlessly integrate, so customers will always have a unified view of all assets, both on and off our network.
  • Border and Perimeter control   - we can deliver solutions including CCTV, facial recognition technology and sensor equipment together with the appropriate backbone communications solution.
  • Welfare Services - we know that being away from home places stress on customers, and have been providing welfare solutions for decades.  We understand that these needs change, and have solutions that can operate independently or combined with operational communications. 
  • Command and Control, Secure & Discreet Remote Field Operations – we understand Government and Defence user needs for robustness, security and often for low profile solutions so we can ensure customers are provided with secure beyond line of sight solutions for Video, Data and Voice in the appropriate form factor and package for their role.


We have been trusted by Government and Defence users for over 50 years, and currently deliver services to the UK MOD, NATO nations including the German Bundeswehr, Danish Defence, Swedish Coast Guard and many Governments and Defence organisations throughout the world.





We understand and follow appropriate security models for Government and Defence users.

Get in touch with us at enquiries@nslglobal.com so we can work with you to solve your challenges.

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