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With over 50 years’ experience in the maritime mobility market, we have built a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced when vessels operate in remote locations or adverse weather conditions.

Our truly global network of offices, field service engineers, teleports and satellites mean we can provide connectivity to ships in even the harshest environments, while our innovative range of software, hardware and critical NavCom services and have been designed to improve operational efficiency, crew welfare and safety at sea.

We are proud of our heritage in the maritime industry and the long-term relationships we have built with our customers, which is why we keep customer service at the heart of everything we do. Our team of highly skilled engineers and support staff are available 24/7/365 to provide assistance whenever you need it. We are here with you today, and with you tomorrow.

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Innovative solutions

The maritime industry is in a constant state of flux, battling with geopolitical developments and an unpredictable supply chain. It needs to be greener, faster, safer, more cost-effective and increasingly socially conscious.

Our innovative solutions are there to keep you operational whatever the world throws at you. Working with tier 1 partners such as FarSounder’s pioneering 3D forward-looking sonar and DDK’s precise point positioning we are providing greater choice to our customers. Using hybrid technologies that fuse our established VSAT network with low latency LEO constellations – for example Starlink – we are working with you to build a better future for the maritime industry.

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Unrivalled connectivity

We deliver industry-leading maritime communication services designed to meet your needs and keep you connected, safe and operational at all times. From anywhere in the world.

Our fully owned and operational network consisting of five teleports anchoring multiple beams – augmented by Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) capability together with terrestrial, Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity – offers full global coverage and a variety of different connections to meet any needs.

So, whether you are sailing in the middle of the ocean, or close to shore, you will always have access to seamless and uninterrupted communications.

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The future is hybrid

Our hybrid solution, FusionIPLEO combines the high throughput, low latency connectivity of LEO services with a guaranteed VSAT solution, allowing you to provide crew members with superior welfare services, while ensuring mission-critical operations are never compromised.