NSSLGlobal's commitment to crew welfare

Research underscores the pressing need for solutions that foster positive crew welfare. Social interaction, communal viewing and keeping up-to-date with training will all help overcome the feelings of detachment and isolation when at sea for lengthy periods.

NSSLGlobal has introduced a number of solutions to enhance the overall wellbeing of crew members with a diverse array of engaging content and connectivity options.

Digitalisation opens up the industry
Digitalisation of the maritime industry is leading to game changing options for operators. This is where our expertise across commercial and government maritime, proves invaluable as can provide dependent solutions with flexible packages to suit your needs.


Secure vessel – happy crew. Our solutions ensure your business operations will run uninterrupted and uncompromised by staff needs. Crew connectivity will be controlled so as to not interrupt business operations.
Scott McBride, Global Sales Director, NSSLGlobal
Streaming service

Market applicability and customer benefits

By providing these comprehensive solutions, NSSLGlobal is setting new industry standards for crew welfare. Enhanced wellbeing and engagement among crew members directly translate into higher retention rates and operational efficiency, creating a win-win scenario for stakeholders involved.

Fusing together NSSLGlobal’s VSAT with the Starlink LEO network is helping to meet the growing demand from crew for cheaper, faster, resilient connectivity allowing for better access to social media, video and voice calls with family and friends, as well as gaming and streaming entertainment. The ship’s operations are separate and remain safe, secure and unaffected by crew usage.

NSSLGlobal’s popular onboard ship information and entertainment IPTV streaming service offers a wide variety of sports, movies, boxsets, TV shows, documentaries and daily news in several languages. All entertainment licences are included, so there is no risk to the operator of breaching licencing laws.

Keeping crew connected with friends and family back home, using a Wi-Fi hotspot voucher system that allows those onboard to purchase internet and voice vouchers for their own devices. And to make sure they have enough time to properly catch-up, crew members can check their voucher status at any time while in use.

Allowing for better on-board mobility, the integrated and cost-effective SmartTalk PBX provides the opportunity to move from analogue to IP phones, with IP connectivity provided through existing network cables or Wi-Fi. Crew members can then use analogue handsets, or their own devices, removing the need for additional onboard crew kiosks.


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