Power up your existing network solution by seamlessly integrating with a high-speed LEO network.

We are an authorised Starlink partner providing a world class VSAT network service, complete IT service management (ITSM), cyber protection, professional account management, 24/7 technical service support and service assurance, with automatic switching between VSAT, L-Band and LTE options, and most importantly one point of contact.

We recommend existing VSATIP@SEA customers to use their existing VSAT for business/operational requirements and the LEO for crew or other non-critical solutions. It offers a simple and cost-effective upgrade path from existing VSAT and SMART@SEA services. Fusing LEO services with a guaranteed VSAT solution that offers a committed information rate removes this risk and ensures critical operations are never compromised – even if the network is congested or your vessel moves out of a LEO coverage area. Contact us for information about our flexible packages – that will meet your needs.

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Over 50 years' experience

NSSLGlobal is more than just a reseller of Starlink. With over 50 years’ experience in solutions engineering across the globe, we’ve used our deep understanding of customers and their needs, alongside our maritime research and development expertise, to develop Starlink packages that bring you unparalleled connectivity, support, and flexibility, while at the same time standing up to the often-uncompromising environmental conditions in which they need to operate in.

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Starlink by NSSLGlobal

Starlink by NSSLGlobal is our high-throughput (on best effort basis only) developed service, with a bespoke marinised antenna and added service wrapper, with optional integration to our SMART@SEA platform.

Flexible packages and solutions

As an alternative to the purchasing option, Starlink by NSSLGlobal can also be provided on a two-year rental agreement to suit more flexible operational requirements.

The advantages of the Starlink network are:

  • Marinised flat panel antennas enabling easy installation and deployment
  • Download speeds of up to 350 Mbps
  • Broadband-like connectivity
  • Enhancement of current network solution for both business communications and crew welfare


Developed by NSSLGlobal to ensure your terminal continues to function in even the most hostile environments

NSSLGlobal’s expert engineers will assist you in installing and integrating Starlink communications into your existing networks

Enjoy high-quality voice communications, with free-of-charge support calls to our helpdesk

Offering the convenience of a 30-day payment term and detailed, itemised invoices to simplify your accounting

Choose the plan that best suits your needs, without any long-term commitments

Our user-friendly platform allows you to suspend and unsuspend your service at will and monitor usage in real-time

Round-the-clock, global technical assistance to ensure your operations continue without a hitch

With advanced replacement in the event of antenna breaking plus onboard engineering support if needed


Health and wellbeing

LEO services enable operators to offer their crew access to cost effective communications, as well as Wi-Fi and download speeds similar to those provided by home broadband. This, in turn, provides numerous benefits for physical and mental wellbeing:

Personnel can stay in touch with their loved ones and support networks while at sea, helping to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness

Improved access to support services allows crew members to connect with mental health professionals and receive support for conditions like depression, anxiety and PTSD

Better connectivity allows for real-time tracking and the monitoring of location, weather data and emergency response services, which can help prevent accidents and ensure quick response times in the event of an emergency

LEO services provide potential for crews to engage in virtual training. On-demand access to training resources allow crew members to develop their skills and knowledge, encouraging career advancement. Virtual training also helps establish best practices that promote onboard safety


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