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We offer global and regional options across L-Band, Ka-Band, Ku-Band, high-speed LEO and 3G/4G/5G networks. Our product expertise and knowhow allow us to create a range of value-added voice and data solutions that are built with excellence in mind, from design and conception right through to supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing support.

The solutions we recommend are based on your requirements and not a preferred vendor. For us, it’s about providing the best solution to meet your individual needs and deliver the best value every time.

Suitable for users from a range of sectors including defence, government, responders and NGO’s, oil and gas, and media, our range of solutions offer reliable voice and data connectivity in even the most remote and inhospitable environments.


Communications should increase efficiency and productivity, not reduce it. NSSLGlobal offers a range of solutions that can provide reliable, global communications at sea, on land and in the air.
Man on satellite in remote aread

Ruggedised and secure solutions

Whatever your requirements, we have ruggedised and secure solutions for you to choose from; providing vital global communications, whenever and wherever you need them.

We are also pragmatic in ensuring you have access to all available technologies. It is our ongoing quest to partner with the right technology vendors and ensure the implementation of ‘best of breed’ and emerging technologies that deliver significant business benefits.


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