Welfare and mental wellness

We’re at the forefront of delivering and supporting access to welfare services for individuals to keep in touch with friends and family or enjoy films and TV. Whether at sea or deployed in isolated land locations, NSSLGlobal’s proprietary solutions include FusionIPLEO, Snap.TV and CrewVision all developed to provide accessible infotainment and communications services. We continue to work with our technology partners and supply chain to package these services and augment them to meet specific environmental and user needs.

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We understand and we deliver

Our bespoke solutions are designed to meet your needs, from sourcing the most appropriate technology in the market, to developing, adapting and creating products. Our engineers are highly certified and experienced in ship fits, including installation, product delivery and dockyard services, adapting and creating bespoke ground terminals and supporting air platforms and uncrewed systems.

We understand the constraints of SWaP (size, weight and power) whether this is for the individual, small team, uncrewed platform, vehicles or even ships – the space for communications installations and systems is always at a premium.

We operate assured networks to deliver information across various security classifications for national, allied/NATO and open-source use enabling operations with allies, partners and other government and non-governmental users.

Of course, packaging, powering, installing and repairing your equipment is key. So regardless of whether we provide the complete solution, or contribute towards a PACE (primary, alternate, contingent and emergency) plan, we provide robust service wraps for our products and solutions, including comprehensive training and technical support.

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Integrated tactical solutions

Our solutions have been developed to connect from the edge into defence and government networks through our resilient infrastructure. Our solutions include easy to deploy kit enabling communications and IT solutions for recce, liaison, early entry, small team and deployed HQs whether in the field, hotel rooms or buildings of opportunity.

Push-to-Talk solutions
Our wide portfolio of products and services includes handheld satphones and PTT solutions, integrated tactical network solutions for dismounted users and uncrewed air systems delivering key imagery, multi-level secure Command and Control nodes and deployable broadband satellite solutions for at the halt, at the pause or on the move.

Portable with 24/7 support
Many capabilities are airline carry on or checkable and are designed for users to set up and manage with minimal training.  Systems are either simple to point, or ‘autopoint’ and engineering support can be direct to the terminal via LTE where available or via our 24/7/365 support team.

Global 24/7 Service Support
Our customers benefit from a global 24/7/365 technical customer operations centre support, and our security operations centres with multiple framework contracts underpinned by robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Robust communications

We deliver industry-leading communications and engineering services for government and defence operations, meticulously designed to meet your unique requirements and ensure you remain connected, secure and operational at all times, from anywhere on the planet.

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Our wholly-owned and operational network offers full global coverage and a multitude of connection options – consisting of five teleports anchoring multiple beams, enhanced by Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) capabilities, along with terrestrial, WiFi and LTE connectivity.

Whether your operations are in remote desert landscapes, bustling urban environments, the high seas or airspace, you can rely on us for seamless and uninterrupted communications.