NSSLGlobal brings you the best of breed technology and provides global coverage through our own robust VSAT network, which offers the most extensive Ku-Band coverage in the industry. Additionally, with our tier 1 partnerships we offer global and regional options across C-, L-, Ka-, Ku- Band, high speed LEO and 3G/4G/5G networks ensuring ‘always-on’ connectivity. Our network services are complemented by our bespoke engineering solutions delivering secure comms regardless of the bearer.

The NSSLGlobal VSAT service includes five global teleports and 25 satellite beams. These are all connected via our global IP backbone which allows you to deploy and move between the satellites and teleports seamlessly, critical for short notice and flexible defence users.

For further details check out our charts webpage to see our current coverage. We also offer a range of flexible airtime-based packages, and, as we use our own network, we can offer customised packages to meet any specific needs.


“Continued assured operations and communications are crucial to our work, and NSSLGlobal has a proven track record of meeting our technical and commercial requirements. The company’s dedication to the highest level of support, its engineering capabilities and its commercial and project flexibility to meet our often fast changing requirements have given us confidence in their ability to provide the next iteration of our SAS capability,”
John Clapp, Ship Alongside System Project Manager, Defence Digital, Strategic Command, Ministry of Defence (MOD).


We have been serving some of the world’s largest government and defence organisations – including several NATO member states – with solutions and engineering expertise for over 40 years. Security controls are at the heart of all NSSLGlobal solutions, ensuring you maintain full control of your network and infrastructure. Our point of presence, teleports and customer information systems form part of our core infrastructure that deliver all voice, data, IT services and connectivity to your organisation, all designed with cybersecurity in mind.

Depending on the requirement, solutions are connected directly from NSSLGlobal’s secure network into wider government or defence enterprise networks – enabling seamless and secure connectivity from the enterprise to the edge.  Our defence understanding and core customer solutions enable us to leverage the best of breed technology for defence and government users, all with robust protection in place.

NSSLGlobal’s Secure IP Node can be configured for different security classifications using approved crypto devices and will utilise any available bearer.  This can be integrated into customer premise networks for seamless operation.

Our bespoke MD-FAN provides multi-level secure access to defence and other networks, ideal for small team communications for reconnaissance and planning tasks – and those needing access to defence enterprise.

We design, build and deploy bespoke communication systems, often as VPNs. We provide solutions that can be securely accessed from almost anywhere in the world via satellite, mobile networks, terrestrial radio and cable infrastructure and maintain a high level of data security throughout all bearers.

We provide solutions for government that solve the additional challenge of being able to maintain end-to-end encryption, quality of service (QoS) and traffic management of data, even while it is traversing through different bearer systems and network gateways.

Independent and innovative

We’re brand agnostic and not tied to a particular provider meaning our customers are assured that we will always provide the best solution, regardless of the manufacturer or supplier.

Our deep expertise and understanding in the government and defence sectors coupled with an innovative engineering approach means we can not only meet the needs of our customers today, but take them seamlessly into the future, no matter how the technological landscape changes.

Our customer-first philosophy ensures we remain focused on delivering superior results at all times.


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