Confidence in your operations

NSSLGlobal provides robust cybersecurity support to allow you to carry out operations confidently. We follow best practice in security management processes, governance and technical controls, comply to the International Maritime Organisation’s regulations for maritime and cyber compliance practices, and have ISO 27001 certification. Additionally, to grant you further peace of mind, all NSSLGlobal staff undergo rigorous security vetting based on their position.

Our managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) further supports customers by monitoring and improving cybersecurity through the prevention, analysis and timely response to cyber threat incidents.

Digital transformation can open the door to an increased number of vulnerabilities. However, by entrusting your cybersecurity to NSSLGlobal, you can shift your focus back to the core priorities that will take your business forward.

Market applicability and customer benefits

Cybersecurity is more than just a barricade against hackers; it’s the foundation for resilient IT systems and the assurance of contingency plans when the inevitable compromise occurs.

Navigating the stormy waters of cyber risks requires understanding the potential consequences of an attack:

  • Operational disruption: cyber attacks can grind operations to a halt, jeopardising voyage schedules and supply chain integrity.
  • Privacy breach: with data protection regulations tightening, failing to secure customer information can result in legal repercussions.
  • Stolen sensitive information: confidential trade secrets and proprietary data could fall into the wrong hands.
  • Reputational damage: a breach can erode customer trust and industry confidence.
  • Financial turbulence: a successful attack often leads to severe financial losses and penalties.

By partnering with a company that ensures a high-level of security across all their products, you can free up your time to focus on your customers, and the priorities that are key to your business.

NSSLGlobal’s cyber protection suits all customers, providing flexible packages with upgrade paths enabling you to plan and budget effectively.

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