Elevating superyacht communications

In the digital era, reliable and high-speed internet access is needed for both operational efficiency and to meet the high expectations of guests and crew. NSSLGlobal’s Cruise-IP network ensures ample bandwidth for today’s bandwidth-intensive applications.

We own and operate the complete Cruise-IP network, setting us apart from our competitors. This end-to-end control extends from the onboard VSAT system to the internet breakout at our strategically located hubs. The service includes five global teleports and 25 satellite beams covering all key yachting regions including the Caribbean, USA, Mediterranean, Seychelles, Maldives, Australasia and South East Asia.

With a comprehensive network consisting of five hubs worldwide, NSSLGlobal provides unparalleled coverage and availability. Our always-on connectivity offers superyachts a seamless experience across the globe, providing the bandwidth and download speeds needed to keep on top of social media, video call friends and colleagues and provide entertainment to guests onboard.

Tailored solutions and packages

We recognise that every yacht is different. As an independent operator that owns and operates its own global network, we can customise a solution around your yacht’s individual requirements.

We also offer one seamless service with a global package, to support wherever your yacht sails.

Alongside our enhanced service availability is our LTE and L-Band service assurance package. This provides two out-of-bandwidth management systems, to allow our NOC to provide remote diagnostics and restoration of the VSAT system without manual onboard intervention, this also provides high-speed back up in the unlikely event of the VSAT network having an outage.

World-class technology. The Cruise-IP service uses our own SatLink modem and SMART@SEA technology partnering with the world’s leading antenna manufacturers.

Turnkey solutions for marine navigation and integrated bridge systems

NSSLGlobal offers turnkey solutions, from new build to full refit, providing technical expertise and hardware solutions – from specification through to install and commissioning.

With our dedicated team of electrical and electronic engineers we cover all main systems including:

  • Integrated bridge systems
  • Navigational equipment (including radars, ECDIS, gyros, magnetic compass, speed logs, GPS/DGPS etc.)
  • Navtex equipment including GMDSS, SSAS, VHF, UHF, TVRO, MF/HF radiophone, Weatherfax
  • Safety equipment – VDR/SVDR, EPIRB, Sart, BNWAS, SSAS, cameras
  • PABX, CCTV and anti-piracy solutions
  • GMDSS surveys and shore-based maintenance contracts

Our first-class global engineering support

All customers have access to a proactive 24/7/365 Network Operations Centre (NOC) alongside an experienced team of NSSLGlobal service, system and IT engineers across the globe. Hardware spares are located in our global offices plus partner engineers and hardware spares in many other locations.

For our agents and partners, we can provide training and a certification process to become part of our global support network.

Extensive coverage options

NSSLGlobal offers comprehensive coverage through two separate Cruise-IP options – Regional and Global. The Regional package caters to traditional cruising areas, encompassing the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and the USA. With multiple beams and large azimuth separation in these regions, we eliminate mast blockage issues and ensure uninterrupted communication. The Global package offers extra coverage for the more adventurous yacht owners, with some of the most comprehensive coverage in the industry.

NSSLGlobal’s Cruise-IP network optimises performance and coverage within the Ku-Band frequency spectrum:

Dynamic bandwidth

Our Bandwidth-on-Demand feature efficiently allocates bandwidth based on real-time needs

Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP)

Our network incorporates a built-in PEP that accelerates TCP connections in high-latency environments, enhancing user experiences

Premium VoIP with QoS

Quality of Service (QoS) Voice is included in data packages, delivering exceptional VoIP performance

Prioritised data applications

QoS ensures video conferencing and critical data applications receive prioritised network treatment

Resilience and redundancy

Our teleports boast full hub redundancy, guaranteeing the highest network availability

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