NSSLGlobal Increases Options For Customers With Its New Iridium Partnership

NSSLGlobal, the independent global satellite communications provider, is today announcing an important new partnership with Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: IRDM), operator of the world’s furthest reaching communications network. This new agreement sees the addition of Iridium PilotTM terminals to NSSLGlobal’s portfolio. Iridium Pilot, powered by the Iridium OpenPort® service, is the leading maritime broadband value solution on the market today.

Offering strong IP connectivity, pole to pole coverage and engineered to perform in the toughest of sea conditions, Iridium Pilot is the ideal solution for companies in need of a reliable, global communications service at an affordable cost. Iridium Pilot will be offered as part of NSSLGlobal’s combined Ku-Band/L-Band global solution, where it will be combined with NSSLGlobal’s own Cruise-IP VSAT service as part of NSSLGlobal’s Service Assurance Package.

The inclusion of Iridium Pilot in the maritime portfolio also provides a cost-effective option for vessels with lower data volume requirements than other products currently offer. Service Assurance combines the high speed and capacity of a Ku-Band service with the added security offered by an L-Band service, which provides a backup connection outside of the Ku-Band footprint; a solution NSSLGlobal first introduced to its Customers in 2009. The addition of Iridium Pilot to NSSLGlobal’s portfolio gives customers a second L-Band option for the first time, having previously used Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband exclusively for the package.

Explaining the partnership with Iridium, Danielle Edwards, Commercial Manager at NSSLGlobal said:

“This new partnership means we can offer customers a greater choice in terms of hardware and airtime packages. We now have even greater flexibility to select the right communications package for customers that then matches their needs and budget. “The demand for high speed, cost effective and robust satellite communications links, capable of supporting multiple applications is ever increasing; as is the need for Maritime customers to use those links to cater for both Operational and Crew requirements onboard, wherever the vessel sails. As a result the focus of the industry is shifting.

Today satellite communication providers must strive to provide solutions that are no longer based on single products or services, but rather on fully integrated solutions, using multiple technologies to provide seamless, high speed communications while at the same time ensuring that customers manage their costs effectively. By integrating the Iridium Pilot with our Cruise IP VSAT we can offer our customer’s an unlimited data package for a fixed monthly cost with pole to pole global coverage. This is great news for our customers and we welcome a partner that allows us to continue to innovate in the service we offer.”

“Iridium® is the only truly global satellite communications service, which makes us uniquely suited to provide a VSAT companion service,” said Greg Ewert, executive vice president, global channel distribution, Iridium. “In the maritime industry, connectivity is no longer optional, it is essential to safety and business operation while at sea. By adding Iridium Pilot to their portfolio, NSSLGlobal is offering their customers an effective way to bundle VSAT services with voice and data services from Iridium. This results in a highly reliable communications solution for users needing to send more data while keeping their costs at bay.”