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Helping to Deliver News to all Corners of the Globe

Within minutes of a story breaking, journalists need to be at the scene, reporting live via a voice or video broadcast. Today’s society demands the latest news as it happens from all over the world, meaning every second counts!

Regardless of the destination or local infrastructure, broadcast stations will immediately require the bandwidth and secure connection to deliver a live news feed, supply images or report over a trusted phone line.

With the help of satellite communication services from NSSLGlobal, these companies receive high bandwidth through specially designed packages to guarantee a throughput at all times, delivering reliable transmissions all around the world.

For years NSSLGlobal has worked alongside media companies providing reliable, uninterrupted service and rapid deployment to help present the earth’s news to millions of people every week.


No technical knowledge needed

Today’s technology is light weight and simple for the end user to operate, which enables a journalist on their own to set up the connection and report the news, without the aid of a engineer, which saves on costs. Bandwidth up to 700 Kbps can be provided from one portable terminal, or higher, with a deployable system.

If a journalist is on their own, they can also work with peace of mind as handheld devices, such as the Iridium Extreme and IsatPhone, come with predefined SOS buttons and tracking technology to pinpoint your location.


Inexpensive broadcasting

With NSSLGlobal ’s deployable antennas and media focused airtime packages you can cover breaking stories without worrying about additional bandwidth charges. The easy to use technology will have you reporting live news around the world in minutes, letting viewers watch in real-time and put you ahead of your competition.

Technical backup

In a technically challenging environment, there are sometimes issues when establishing a link or keeping connected, affecting possible deadlines. NSSLGlobal understands the importance of getting media on line, which is why our trained 24/7 technical helpdesk is on hand to provide assistance. We’re here to support you and will ensure everything is resolved as soon as possible.


With a point of presence in all the major continents providing a global reach, the flexibility to adapt to any company's individual needs and access to the best products in the market NSSLGlobal is the ideal partner for any of your satellite communications needs.

In addition, all products and services are supported globally by our 24/7 Network Operation Centre’s, field engineers and regional support centres... providing you with local help, but with a global service.

Find out more information by contacting a member of the media division at NSSLGlobal via the contact form


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