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Connecting Oil & Gas Projects around the World

NSSLGlobal has years of experience working alongside and delivering communications to oil and gas companies of all sizes, providing L-, C-, Ka- and Ku-Band services. By working in close proximity for extensive periods of time, we understand the importance of meeting the world’s energy demands and keeping costs down whilst locating further reserves.

As companies continue to trace new energy resources, teams are being deployed to some of the most hazardous and remote locations on the planet. No matter where the location, exploratory teams through to the full operational sites, need an “always-on connection” enabling them to report back to HQ.

NSSLGlobal boast’s a portfolio of products which are tough, reliable and highly durable. Solutions are designed specifically for use under harsh conditions across all stages of the project life-cycle, from the first team arriving with simple portable devices, to the established permanent sites servicing hundreds of users.



With the help of NSSLGlobal, Geologists and their team can explore and research on reserves whilst staying connected. With light weight broadband solutions, robust handsets and vehicular antennas, every explorative team, regardless of their surroundings, can make voice calls and send data in real time.


Light weight antennas are specifically designed for easy deployment and user friendliness, easy to carry and provides high capacity through put to send data for analysis. Whether a BGAN EXPLORER 710 or a Thuraya IP+, the terminals will keep you and your team connect to Headquarters.



Whether an Iridium Extreme, Thuraya Satsleeve or IsatPhone 2, NSSLGlobal will have the ideal handset for you. Every satellite phone has clear voice quality, with many boasting additional functionalities such as SMS messaging, plain text emailing, GPS Tracking and a predefined SOS button. In addition, many of the handsets come with specifically designed docking stations for further ease.




Time is money! So when your team is on the move, but wishes to stay connected, the ideal solution is a vehicular antenna. Fixed to the automobile, the antenna will automatically keep you connected whilst in motion. Allowing your team to be in transit and still report back on their findings.


As the site develops and the number of personnel increases, so does the demand for bandwidth and additional communication channels. In addition, as the operation goes to the next stage, so does the need for greater safety measures.

In order to accommodate more users, solutions incorporating mobile satellite terminals, satphones and deployable VSAT systems (requiring no technical skill to set up) will supply high data rates while still providing an element of flexibility to enhance the operation to full scale.

These products also come with an “always-on” connectivity to ensure peace of mind to the staff in these remote locations that should anything happen, an emergency call can be made.



Full scale operations require high capacity with complete broadband connection capabilities for large data usage and multiple voice service, which allows all staff on-site access to communication solutions.

NSSLGlobal ’s products and services are built around full-scale fixed VSAT solutions, ensuring sufficient speed and capacity are supplied to meet the needs of the company to support staff on a professional and welfare basis.


Staff Welfare

When teams are working at long term sites in remote locations for prolonged periods, it is essential they have access to communication channels for both their work and personal lives. Staff can gain online access using electronic cards, which are purchased directly from a nominated employee, who will purchase vouchers from NSSLGlobal as an electronic code.


Remote Monitoring

The BGAN M2M Service can provide you and your company with real time data on the production line and distribution network, along with automatic alerts should anything fail. The BGAN M2M provides global, two-way IP data connectivity, for transmitting data from SCADA applications for full visibility and remote control of well heads, pipelines and other assets.

All products and services are supported globally by our 24/7 Network Operation Centre’s, field engineers and Regional Support Centres.



With a point of presence in all the major continents providing a global reach, the flexibility to adapt to any company's individual needs and access to the best products in the market, NSSLGlobal is the ideal partner for any of your satellite communication requirements.

In addition, all products and services are supported globally by our 24/7 Network Operation Centres, field engineers and regional support centres... providing you with local help, with a global service.

Find out more information by contacting a member of the oil and gas division at NSSLGlobal via the contact form

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