NSSLGlobal adds new satellite beams to extend global coverage

The additional beams will improve NSSLGlobal’s coverage of Europe and the Far East

Surrey, UK, 26th September – NSSLGlobal, the independent service provider of satellite communications, has added two new satellite beams to improve the quality and geographical reach of its global VSAT network. The additional beams will provide customers in the Nordics, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Far East with better coverage at sea and on land.

The Thor 6 Nordic beam, positioned 1° West, is a new addition to NSSLGlobal’s existing VSAT network covering the Nordics and Europe and will operate from NSSLGlobal’s Norwegian Teleport. It will improve connectivity for customers from Svarlbad and Iceland to France and Romania, covering the majority of Europe.

The Eutelsat 70B, positioned 70.5° East, will operate from NSSLGlobal’s Cyprus Teleport, and is a replacement for the existing ABS2 beam. This will allow vessels travelling between Europe and the Far East via the Suez Canal to stay connected via one beam for their entire journey, rather than switching between different beams. This will ensure customers have a consistent connection to phone lines and the internet around Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

The introduction of the two new beams provides NSSLGlobal customers access to higher levels of bandwidth, faster broadband and more reliable voice/data communications at sea and on land. The beams were operational from the 1st September 2014 to current and new customers.

Sally-Anne Ray, Managing Director, NSSLGlobal said: “The enhancement of our global VSAT network is further testament to our commitment in providing high quality and consistent coverage to our customers across as many territories as possible. Earlier this year we added two new teleports, Perth, Australia and Connecticut, USA, to strengthen our service to customers and improve our global coverage, which we will continue to do for 2014 and beyond.”