NSSLGlobal’s Cruise-IP Coverage Keeps Extending

NSSLGlobal Ltd, the independent service provider of satellite communications, has announced the further expansion of their VSAT Ku-Band network to include an additional two satellite beams covering the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean region.

These two beams were active as of the 15th October, combining with the current VSAT coverage offered by NSSLGlobal, creating the world’s most comprehensive VSAT Ku-Band network in the industry. Current and new customers on commercial vessels and Super Yachts will benefit from the additional beams which come via a Rugby based Earth Station.

The first beam utilises Intelsat’s IS21 satellite and is primarily aimed at the commercial maritime sector. The satellite is positioned 58 degrees West, with a large proportion of the beam covering the South Atlantic; south of South Africa across to Buenos Aires. This beam compliments the NSSLGlobal TL11 North Atlantic beam that is already part of the global coverage offered by the company. The second beam, MID-IOR, covers the Maldives and Seychelles area with the primary customer base stemming from the Super Yacht community.

Sally-Anne Ray, Managing Director of NSSLGlobal, said: “With the most extensive coverage offered in the industry these new beams are another indication of NSSLGlobal’s commitment in providing a premium satellite communications service to our customers.”