NSSLGlobal Wi-Fi service helps improve crew morale on HMS Iron Duke


NSSLGlobal helps British Royal Navy to enable BYOD on board its vessels

NSSLGlobal Wi-Fi service helps improve crew quality of life at sea whilst maintaining high quality security and safety standards


Surrey, October 13th 2015 – Satellite communications provider NSSLGlobal has today announced the trial of its Wi-Fi service across selected British Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships. The service, based on NSSLGlobal’s proven technology for the commercial shipping sector, but modified for the Royal Navy, will for the first time allow crew to use their personal devices to connect with friends and family through internet services and applications.


The Wi-Fi service is an all-in-one access control facility deployed as a gateway for managing Wi-Fi hotspots to enable BYOD (Bring your own Device) to be rolled out to Naval vessels. It will provide the user with a secure, available, supported and legally and morally compliant internet service providing access over existing ship bearers (whether satellite, ADSL or 3G/4G). The service has coverage across the main recreational areas of the vessel and will allow sailors to access social media applications such as Facebook, news and personal banking.


“NSSLGlobal has a proven track record in the commercial martime sector. Our customisable VSAT IP@SEA equipment and services can be found onboard hundreds of vessels, from fishing boats to super yachts, and tankers to Royal Navy Frigates. The service helps to build and maintain operational connectivity as well as providing limitless, always available telephony and Internet access for crew.” said Sally-Anne Ray, Managing Director of NSSLGlobal. “Whilst Navy vessels are officially exempt from Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC:2006) the Navy recognises the importance to morale and productivity of enabling personnel to stay in contact with friends and family whilst at sea. However, they also appreciate that this must not compromise the Navy’s strict security and safety standards in any way. Our service has enabled them to find a perfect compromise.”


HMS Iron Duke recently showcased the new Wi-Fi enabled access as part of the DSEIDefence and Security Equipment International exhibition in London in September.


For further details of NSSLGlobal’s maritime communications solutions, please visit https://www.nsslglobal.com/maritime