NSSLGlobal launch C-Band VSAT

Global satellite communications provider, NSSLGlobal, announces the addition of a Global Maritime C-Band service offering to their Cruise IP VSAT portfolio. Seamless global coverage around the world regardless of location or weather. More Choice, same competitive pricing packages backed up with outstanding 24/7 customer support.

Today NSSLGlobal announces the addition of global high-speed C-Band services to their Cruise IP portfolio. This new development sees NSSLGlobal investing in a service that meets customer demand for the usual Cruise IP high speeds but with the high availability and truly global VSAT coverage that C-Band offers.

NSSLGlobal’s new C-Band network initially offers users 3 global satellites – NSS9, Intelsat 902 and SES 4. The bandwidth’s high resistance to weather and broad coverage footprint makes it a popular option for customers in areas particularly affected by “Rain Fade”, or those who need a truly global need for high-speed broadband. The new C-Band service is offered alongside NSSLGlobal’s existing Ku-Band Cruise IP service. This includes NSSLGlobal’s Service Assurance package, which will now feature seamless failover between C- and Ku-Band services alongside an L-Band service, to provide customers with high-speeds, an ample coverage footprint for those vessels that circumnavigate the globe and extra peace of mind through two levels of redundancy.

In the maritime industry, adoption of fixed priced broadband is being driven by ever increasing requirements for transfer of data between ship and shore, the need to manage and upgrade software applications and shipboard machinery over IP, as well as enabling the crew to keep in touch with friends and family. The benefit of NSSLGlobal’s new service offering is it uses the same network, modem and Hub’s as NSSLGlobal’s Ku-Band service providing the same high speed bandwidth packages, premium voice, automatic beam switching and Web and Email Control services as NSSLGlobal’s leading Ku-Band Cruise IP service. The addition of C-Band is the latest in a series of network developments NSSLGlobal has undertaken as part of an ongoing directive to provide customers with solutions and a level of service that cannot be matched.

The service is available immediately with highly competitive airtime packages and comprehensive customer support. Sally-anne Ray C.O.O. of NSSLGlobal said: “Our Customers, both at sea and on shore increasingly depend upon their internet connection for a variety of mission–critical operational functions, as well as improving crew welfare by enabling them to keep in touch with home.  We are committed to constantly enhance our network to meet the evolving needs of our customers.  As the customer demand has become clear, we have taken the steps to introduce a truly global C-Band solution that meets the high standards of service that we set at NSSLGlobal. Our ability to provide L, Ku and C-Band solutions offer our customers a level of choice few other providers are capable of, it is a sign of NSSLGlobal’s continued growth within the sector as we seek to establish ourselves as the leading global provider of satellite communications.”