UK Electronic Solutions signs contract with Dalby Offshore for wide rollout of Oceanic Dynamics system

  • Contract follows highly successful trial on-board Dalby’s largest Crew Transfer Vessel in wind turbine docking scenarios
  • Dalby Offshore to roll-out motion and impact monitoring system across three additional CTVs


UK Electronic Solutions, (part of the NSSLGlobal group), today announces that it has signed a contract with Dalby Offshore to install its sophisticated motion and impact monitoring system, Oceanic Dynamics, on an additional three of its Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs). This follows a highly successful trial of the system on-board Dalby Offshore’s largest CTV, the Dalby Ouse.


Dalby Offshore’s 10-strong fleet primarily supports offshore wind farms, working with companies such as VBMS, SSE Dong Energy, Siemens and RWE Statoil, to move equipment and engineering crews as required.

At 26m long, the Dalby Ouse catamaran is not only the largest CTV in Dalby’s fleet, it also has the largest engines and water jets of any CTV in the UK. Oceanic Dynamics, with its sophisticated motion, impact, docking and telemetry auditing, has allowed Dalby Offshore to justify deployment of this large vessel alongside even highly impact-sensitive wind farm equipment. This has allowed the company to pass on significant economies of scale to its customers. The ability to carry a wider range of equipment and cargo also means that the Dalby Ouse can be deployed more flexibly and rapidly for a wider range of usage scenarios.


In order to use such a vessel Dalby Offshore must closely monitor and report on various aspects of operation, including wave heights, impact forces, etc., to assure customers of the safety of sensitive wind farm assets during docking procedures. Oceanic Dynamics allows Dalby Offshore to monitor and report on impact, fuel efficiency, engine data, route information, and the dynamic stability of the vessel within the water. It also allows for the monitoring and recording of crew transfers at all times via an HD CCTV system.


“Rollout of this system to our other Crew Transfer Vessels is a no-brainer for us,” commented Steve Bartram, Operations Manager, Dalby Offshore. “Oceanic Dynamics has not only allowed us to use our largest CTV alongside sensitive equipment, but with its ability to provide a comprehensive audit trail, it has been instrumental in opening up new business opportunities for us. It’s a fantastic product, and we’re actively recommending it to other companies in our industry.”


“Throughout the trial UK Electronic Solutions and NSSLGlobal have been great to work with. The installation was quick and seamless. The team has been happy to indulge us in making various small adjustments to optimise the system for our needs; for example changing readouts from newtons to tons and from degrees to Fahrenheit. What’s more, an account manager has always been on hand to address any queries. We look forward to continuing this relationship.”


Oceanic Dynamic’s reporting and monitoring capabilities are amongst the most sophisticated and comprehensive in the industry. The system has even, at one or two points, anticipated minor mechanical issues ahead of Dalby’s existing systems.


Oceanic Dynamics can equally-well be installed on smaller vessels, including tugs, pilot vessels and lifeboats, in order to provide an audit trail for incidents, maintainance and performance. All information is stored locally, and can be tranferred via GSM or Wi-Fi when the vessel is within range of the shore, or transferred live via a satellite connection.


To find out more about Oceanic Dynamics, or to discuss this specific implementation, please use the contact details below. Alternately you can visit


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