NSSLGlobal FusionIP put to the test



NSSLGlobal’s FusionIP put to the test during extreme Skagerrak crossing

FusionIP to provide fast, efficient 4G connectivity
during SUP surfer Casper Steinfath’s dangerous Viking Challenge 2.0



16 March 2018NSSLGlobal recently launched FusionIP innovation, combining VSAT and LTE cellular connectivity within the same device, will be put to the test this weekend when Danish stand-up-paddle (SUP) surfer, Casper Steinfath uses the solution on the support vessel for his extreme endurance, 24-hour crossing of the Skagerrak — the infamous 120km ocean straight, known for its treacherous currents and wild weather, that separates Denmark from Norway.

While Casper tests his physical limits at night through the extremely cold waters between Klitmøller, Denmark and Flekkerøy, Kristiansand in Norway, the off-shore renewable energy support vessel tracking his progress — M/V Arriver of NOS, Sweden — will also test the limits of FusionIP, using the product’s superior bandwidth to perform multiple connectivity tasks out at sea.

FusionIP will support his ship-to-shore data comms with the challenge HQ, updating of sea maps through the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), as well as telemedicine support in the event of a medical emergency. Remote diagnostics on the vessel’s critical systems will also be continually be monitored. The ship’s crew will also have full internet access to social media, streaming entertainment and calls to family and friends and intrigued journalists.

To fully demonstrate the bandwidth FusionIP provides, Casper Steinfath’s challenge will also be filmed and partly live streamed by an onboard TV production crew from from Danish national broadcast media, TV2. The footage will be streamed via FusionIP and satellite to the news room of TV2, where it should feature in a live broadcast (depending on breaking news).

Within one single 60cm SAILOR dome, FusionIP integrates the best of two worlds; LTE and satellite broadband, allowing ships to automatically switch between 4G/3G and satellite networks to achieve optimum data speeds and cost efficiency. FusionIP represents a leap forward in terms of convenience. With one aesthetically pleasing antenna, a single system, and one point of contact for technical information, the new product/service is ideal for yachts, crew transfer vessels, offshore wind installation vessels, fishing vessels and coastal commercial vessels.

Casper Steinfath: “I feel so ready! I have prepared myself much better since last attempt both physically and mentaly, but also with regards to my organization and the equipment we will use. I look forward to a safe passage and to stay live in touch with my fans throughout the Viking Challenge”.

Nikolaj Hvegholm, CEO of NSSLGlobal ApS: “We support Casper in his Viking Challenge – in a tough environment we know well – with a solution that ensures he is connected with the rest of the world, when it matters most to him.

Viking Crossing 2.0 is the name of the Stand Up Paddler Casper Steinfath’s second attempt at crossing Skagerrak from Klitmøller or Hirtshals in Denmark to Kristiansand in Norge using his 3 meter long SUP-board and a paddle – a crossing of 120 kilometers – or 60.000 paddlestrokes – under merciless conditions. If he succeeds, he will be the first to cross Skagerrak on a surfboard. Weather conditions are decisive for a start in Klitmøller or Hirtshals.

Casper Steinfath is a 4-double World Champion in the surf discipline of Stand Up Paddling in Technical Race and the 200 meter’s sprint. In September 2017 in Copenhagen, he won his latest WM gold in 200 meter’s sprint.

For more information on FusionIP, please visit: www.nsslglobal.com/FusionIP and to find out more about Casper Steinfath’s challenge visit: https://www.totalsup.com/news/casper-steinfath-skagerrak-2018-viking/  and http://sport.tv2.dk/oevrig-sport/2017-09-03-dansker-padlede-sig-til-vm-guld-i-koebenhavn (TV footage in Danish language)