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Crane Radio


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Crane Radio
Crane Radio
Crane Radio
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Through a combination of integral VHF & Tannoy communications the Crane Radio can be manufacturered to suit both internal and external mounting positions. 

The use of pedals to activate the radio means that the crane operator can keep their hands free for crane operations, whilst communicating with crew on their own vessel and the loading point simultaneously. 

Based upon the Cobham 6210 marine VHF unit, the NSSL Crane Radio provides unparalleled reliability, with easily extendable non propriety cabling making it suitable for a range of different installation positions and configurations.

The ease of use for the Crane Radio unit provides unparalleled usability within the market. The unit has been designed with the user in mind, and as such plug & play connections as well as a quick and simple operator interface are key features of the unit.

An optional UHF add can be built into the unit, enabling an even more diverse communications at the crane operators disposal.

Product Features

Size:420 x 315 x 200 mm
IP Rating:Enclosure = IP65 / Internal Unit = IPX6


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