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Mobile, Resilient VSAT                                                                                    
The EXPLORER 8100 is engineered using Cobham’s extensive experience, with facets from both the maritime SAILOR range and EXPLORER COTM terminals contributing to the design. The inbuilt dynamic pointing correction, engineered carbon fibre construction, harmonic drive gear systems, advanced blocking zone capability and ability to operate in more adverse conditions than other Comms on the Pause terminals are all factors in making the EXPLORER 8000 series the most advanced Auto-Acquire Drive-Away antennas currently available.
Once installed, the terminals are simple to operate. An industry leading sub four minute acquisition time means that use of the terminal is as easy as pushing a button to deploy and connecting to the inbuilt Wi-Fi. Cobham’s Dynamic Pointing Correction ensures the terminal will stay online, even if the vehicle rocks or moves due to high wind or passengers entering or exiting the vehicle. The antenna constantly adjusts its position in real time to ensure the best pointing angle, giving the most reliable connection available from a land vehicle based VSAT.
Variable RF Capability                                                                                                                                                     The Explorer 8100 series antennas are equipped with a swappable feed system which enables switching between Ka Band, Ku Band & Inmarsat GX networks. The ability to change feed sytems ensures that no matter the location the 8100 can be utilised to maximum capacity. The swappable feed system also ensures the antennas will function if your satellite provider updates their network or changes service frequency.
In addition to the capability of changing operational frequency, the antennas can also track inclined satellites, giving higher availability than other terminals of the same type.
The EXPLORER 8100 have been designed to be robust, reliable & easy to 
operate, meaning they are the best option for vehicular mounted VSAT, both from a user & longevity persepctive.

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Size:97 x 321 cm

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