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Fusion IP


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Fusion IP
Fusion IP
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FusionIP is NSSLGlobal's award-winning proprietary service which integrates the best of two communication worlds for European coastal areas enabling "always on" connectivity. Using LTE and satellite broadband, it allows vessels to automatically switch between 4G/3G, the primary bearer and satellite networks to achieve unified communications, optimum data speeds and cost efficiencies.

Housed within a bespoke engineered and aesthetically pleasing antenna,  the key feature of this single system is the seamless service. Your company is safe in the knowledge that you’re receiving the best offshore connection available. 

This service is ideal for yachts, vessels specialising in crew transfer, offshore energy installation, fishing and all coastal commercial vessels. Benefits of FusionIP include:
• One SIM
• 12 month contract
• Seamless coverage
• Unlimited suspensions
• Single bill for all usage
• One technical 24/7/365 point of contact
You will operate safer, smarter and more efficiently through the power of always available communication.

NSSLGlobal’s multi-award-winning VSAT service is utilised by a wide range of organisations ranging from SMEs, governments to FTSE 100s. NSSLGlobal is unique in the market because it owns its own VSAT network along with the core SatLink hub and modem technology. Our 50 years in the industry means we can provide our clients with engineering expertise, installation, maintenance and project management solutions.
Our VSAT solution provides a robust, global satellite broadband service, for FusionIP offering up to 20Mbps of download speed in European coastal areas when the vessel is outside of cellular range.

Cellular Service
The LTE 3G/4G service allows vessels to connect to a robust and high-speed bandwidth up to 20km offshore. With download speeds of up to 40Mbps this is an ideal service for operators looking for"always on" connectivity and especially for those needing  flexible, seasonable packages.


Product Features

Network:NSSLGlobal Ku/LTE


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